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What are the fire ground channels used for?

1 - Incident command

2 - Overflow for channel 1

3 - Used for specific fire ground tasks

4 - Only used when directed to by duty radio officer

5 - For use with leaky feeders

6 - BA

7&8 - Legacy inter-liaison channels

10 - Dedicated command unit staff channel

11 - BAA Heathrow channel


What are the numbers used to identify officer, driver and BA teams?

Ealing pump ladder..........

3/4. BA teams


Subject to operational considerations, where should the CU be ideally situated? (4)

Position of strongest radio signal
Sited as near to incident as practical
Clear of large steal structures
Greater than 10m away from other Command vehicles


What should be taken in to account with hospitals and comms equipment?

No fire ground radio can be considered totally safe to transmit within radio sensitive equipment


When should the IC only use radio comms in hospitals or similar establishments?

Exceptional circumstances

Where circumstances are unavoidable


If radios have been used in hospital what must the IC do?

Relay that to hospital staff and make sure the necessary checks can be made


If you see a mobile phone restricted sign in a hospital what should you assume?

Take it that it applies to hand-held radios


What should Station Managers do for pre planning on hospitals?

Establish their wishes in regards to emergency and pre-planned attendances by fire crews


If channel 2 and channel 5 are both in use, how far apart should the feeders be from one another?


Or 10m from LUL RVP

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