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What is the term 'Hot Zone'?

Where the attackers are known to be/immediate threat to life


What is the term Warm Zone?

Where the attackers are believed to have passed through, Area cannot be deemed to be safe


What is the term Cold Zone

Where it has been assessed that there is no threat to life


Who can work in the warm zone?

Personnel who have been specifically trained and have correct ballistic PPE


What is JAR?

Joint Agency Risk assessment
Undertaken by NILO FRS


What are the main Roles of the FRS at an MTFA incident?

Develop Fire management Plan
Reduce risk of Flammable materials etc in cold zone
Carry out DIM of Haz-Mats
Support JAR
Support LAS in cold zone
Maintain reserve emergency cover


What is a 'No Notice' event?

A spontaneous event that may involve firearms and FRS personnel


What should the actions be of crews at a 'No Notice' event?

Withdraw to 1Km
Take cover
Inform control


Where will the RVP be set up?

In the Cold Zone and agreed jointly between the 3 agencies


Where will the Forward Control Post be set up?

In the Cold Zone as close to the Warm Zone as possible

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