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How phases are there to Forward Mobilising Procedure?



What are the 2 phases of FMP?

Initial Forward Mobilising; Any IC can request this phase and any calls within the area will be queued correctly

Forward Mobilising; Can be implemented by OOD, GT Officer, Duty ILO, Duty DAC or Duty Assistant Commissioner


FMP can be broadly divided into 2 distinct operating environments, what are they?

Where risk information and liaison with police is necessary to ensure Firefighter safety

Certain incident types where stricter controls may be necessary e.g. Fires with explosives, Large scale flooding, Major incidents, Major collapse


How can you define the areas for FMP for control?

6 thoroughfares
Map Reference squares
Station ground
Up to 3 station grounds (anymore must be agreed by duty DAC)


Where should the Forward Mobilising Command Post (FMCP) be set up?

Fire station outside the affected area


What PDA is mobilised on a message 'Implement FMP'

6 x Pumps
4 x SM
2 x FRU


Before the FMCP can take over mobilising from control, what should be in place? (5)

Affected area should be clearly identified to control

Command support and appliances are in attendance

Details of appliances deployed and calls being attended should be passed to FMCP

Officers fulfilling the role of mobilising officer and marshalling officer received full brief

FMCP must liaise with control when all this has been completed


At the agreed time to return to normal mobilising, what will control do? (4)

Mobilise to incidents in previously affected area as normal

Circulate a message 'FMCPOUT'

Inform all officers FMP has now ceased

Cancel appropriate SAA

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