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What aspects does this policy cover (5)

Protected Disclosures made under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1998 (PIDA)

Unauthorised use of public funds; bribery, fraud and corruption

Serious breech of Authorities Polices or failure to adhere to standards of practice

Serious concerns regarding conduct of employees

Serious concern over any aspect regarding the Authority


What does PIDA do for the employee?

Protects them against dismissal, discipline, threats or favourable action


If an employee is dismissed under PIDA what will that constitute as?

Unfair dismissal


Can you report something and withhold your name?

Yes, but it doesn't hold the same weight. A general rule is that you should always use your name


How should you raise a concern?

Normally with your line manager


Which 2 ways can you raise a concern?

Verbally or in writing


What is the maximum about of time that a concern must be acknowledge within?

10 days


Who has overall responsibility for the maintenance and operation of this policy?

Head of Legal and Democratic Services


What is the maximum response time an informant must recieve a letter of receipt by?

10 days

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