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With reference to this document, there are 2 types of Decisions, what are they?

One that does not create additional risk to personnel but can cause major impact e.g. shutting Railways or services

The other are actions that are not covered under policy and procedures e.g. bridgehead one floor below fire floor due to building design


How are the 2 different types of decisions recorded?

The situational impact one can be written down

The operational deviation one must be put on a Key Decision Log (KDL) along with a risk assessment and completed risk matrix

Both can be done on the CSS


When should Logging take place?

As soon as practically possible


What are 3 ways of managing risks at incidents?

Generic Risk Assessments (Nationally Produced)

Strategic Risk Assessments (Locally produced)

Incident Risk Assessments (Info gathered by IC)


Who has authority on Decisions made at an incident?

IC or if they've given authority to their Sector Commanders

They will always need logging


If you decide the risk out weighs the gain what should you do?

Put it in the decision log


Where are KDL kept and for how long?

kept at station and sent to Brigades Operations, Prevention and Response Dept.

3 years

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