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What is level 1 initial command pump?

Command support provided at incidents by personnel riding the appliances


What are the duties of a Command pump operator?

Identify suitable pump (not pumping)
Notify control
Headlights and beacons remain on (off on all others)
Collect role call boards
Enter preliminary details on ICW
Record Tactical Mode
Draw basic outline of scene
Receive role boards from oncoming appliances
Notify on coming crews of IC requirements
Maintain manned radio
maintain ICP for duration or until relieved by CU


What are the 3 functions of the ICW?

Provides arrangements for holding role boards

Collates preliminary details of incident

Aids speedy and efficient transfer of role call boards between the ICP and the CU


What is level 2 incident command?

The function of CU's


What is a CSS?

Command Support System - computerised command support resource designed around the DMM


What does the CSS off certain officers?

Remote officers can access the CSS via ICT


What communication facilities does the CU have?

Main scheme radio and Inc ground fixed radios

Dedicated command channel on channel 2 with on board repeater

A leaky feeder cable

Matel field phone

Downlink capability

Message conference facility


What other equipment does the CU carry?

2nd set bag

Set of FIB templates



What are the 4 functional areas of command support provided by the CU team?

Operations support

Communications support

Logistics Support

Planning support and information management


When will CU's be mobilised?

3/4 pump fires or above (not 3 pump grass fires)

Multiple calls

Persons reported

Confirmed Hazmat

Cylinder incidents

Forward mobilising procedure

Major incidents




Can a CU be returned before a stop has been sent?



What is Sector Commander Command Support SCCS?

At large incidents the IC can designate someone to take responsibility for the CU team and functional support officers


When the incident is in the 'Under control' phase, who will make sure the Command pump and command pump operator are in place and control informed?

The CU team leader


Where should all information that has been decided to be archived be sent to?

Operations and Mobilising Directorate Admin (HQ)

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