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What are the 3 main objectives of this policy?

Maximise attendance at work

Ensure timely intervention to provide appropriate support to those who are absent through illness or injury before considering the capability process

Minimise the disruption to service delivery caused by sickness absence


When will training be given to managers? (2)

Where they are new in post

Where changes are made to the policy


Who's responsibility is it to continue to submit work fit notes?

The employees


Who's responsibility is it for monitoring and managing attendance?

The line manager


What is the definition of 'short term' sickness?

A period of less than 28 days


What is the definition of 'long term' sickness?

A period greater than 28 days


What is the minimum time that an employee must notify their line manager if they are unable to make it to work for that shift?

1 hour or as soon as practically possible


What should be included in the first sickness notification call to the line manager?

What the incapacity is


After the first initial call of notification of sickness, how often should the employee make contact

The same time for days 2&3, unless the sickness is likely to extend to day 4 whereby the employee will call the line manager on day 4


When will a self certificate form be completed?

sickness was from days 4-7


If sickness goes beyond day 7 will the employee need to complete a self cert form on return?



After how many days do you need to get a doctors 'statement of fitness' note?

8 days


How often should an employee update their line manager if off for a period longer than 8 days?

every week or a time span agreed by both parties


If an employee considers they remain unfit at the expiry of their current fit note, how many days prior should they contact their surgery to arrange an appointment?

7 days before the end of their note


If an appointment is unavailable and the employee tried to get a doctors appointment before the note ran out, will the Brigade except back dated notes?

yes, but the employee must have taken the steps prior


What is the maximum period of sickness that the brigade will accept for a doctors note?

3 months


What are the procedures if an employee books sick abroad?

Same up to day 7 then medical certificates must be obtained and submitted every 7 days


If an employee fails to adhere to OHS appointments or certifications what could potentially happen?

Stoppage of statuary sick pay and/or discipline procedure


If employees on sick leave have periods where they will be unavailable or take leave, what must they do?

Notify their line manager


Can an employee conduct outside employment whilst off sick?

No, if they feel it wouldn't affect it then they must make a request to their manager


If an employee comes to work for less than 1 hour and then goes sick, how will that be recorded?

Recorded as sickness for that entire shift


Can an employee claim their leave back if they fall ill during a period of leave?

Yes, but they must inform their line manager immediately and provide a fit note covering the full period of their illness


Is statutory leave affected by sickness?

No, they are still entitled to it


How soon should statutory leave be taken if on sick leave?

15 months from the end of the leave year


Can the brigade invoke people to take their leave following sickness absence?

yes, under the working time directive


What are the absence triggers for a rolling 6 month period?

3 separate instances or
total of 6 working days in 6 months


What are the absence triggers for a rolling 12 month period?

5 separate instances or
total of 8 working days in 12 months


Can a Attendance Support Meeting be combined with a RTWI?

Yes, but only if the employee agrees to it


When are automatic referrals are made to OHS at what points? (5)

Continuous absence from 7-35 days

Reports of an injury at work, where request is made by Health & Safety Services Dept

Sickness recorded as DTS longer than 7 days

Commencement of sickness due to stress, anxiety or depression

Commencement of sickness due to cardio-vascular conditions


What are the time frame figures of long term capability process?

6 months
9 months
12 months

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