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Assessment during instruction guides student learning.

Formative assessment


Achievement is measured at the end of instruction.

Summative assessment


Understanding and skills are applied in a real-world scenario.

Authentic assessment


Evaluation of collections of student work demonstrates progress over time.

Portfolio assessment


Used to monitor student learning during instruction

Formative assessment


Measures achievement at the end of instruction

Summative assessment


Compares performance to other individuals

Norm-referenced assessment


Compares performance to specified achievement domain

Criterion-referenced assessment


Used to probe deep into the causes of learning deficiencies

Diagnostic assessment


What is a benefit of implementing a system of assessment?

An assessment system provides multiple opportunities to measure aspects of desired performances.


A fourth-grade social studies teacher wants students to practice higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills while working on a unit focusing on ancient Greece and Rome.

What are two appropriate assessment methods to meet this goal?

- Write and enact a play focusing on everyday customs
- Determine the most valuable natural resources of the area


A science teacher wants to assess his students' higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills relating to animal adaptations.

Which assessment option would achieve this goal?

Give students an animal and an environment to study and ask them to describe possible adaptations the animal may make


A sixth-grade social studies teacher is concerned about whether or not the students are progressing satisfactorily through the current lesson on the locations of ancient river civilizations. When asking questions during a formative assessment, the teacher finds that most of the students do not know the answers.

What would be an appropriate instructional decision based on the assessment results?

Reteach the objective using another activity


Sixty-eighty percent of the class did not meet mastery on an assessment at the end of a unit on figurative language.

Which two instructional decisions would be appropriate based on the assessment results?

- Reteach low scoring concepts
- Plan differentiated activities


A student has a learning disability that makes processing and interpreting visual information difficult. The teacher wants to assess the student's problem-solving skills related to area and volume at the end of the unit.

What is an appropriate accommodation for this student?

Read written directions on the test aloud to the student


A student in a seventh-grade class has a disability that makes reading comprehension challenging.

What would be an appropriate assessment accommodation for this student during a standardized test as established by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team?

- Provide a scribe for the student to record student answers
- Provide the student with the assessment in larger print to make it easier to read


A sixth-grade class is working on a science chapter that has many new vocabulary words. The teacher notices that four students only knew 50% of the new definitions on the last formative assessment while all other students in the class scored 90% or higher. She decides that she needs to differentiate instruction to assist the struggling students.

How can the teacher meet this goal?

Provide hands-on activities that allow them to use the objects that are being defined in the unit


Which of these strategies can be used for differentiating content to accommodate varying reading levels?

Using homogeneous flexible grouping to group students with similar needs


What is the purpose of the Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement?

To provide guidance for test development and administration


Which legislation required setting challenging standards for student achievement and developing and administering assessments to measure student progress toward those standards?

Elementary and Secondary Education Act


A group of teachers based the new curriculum for their high school English class off of content found on previous standardized assessments.

Why was this action inappropriate, according to the Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement?

Because it compromises the integrity of the assessment.


A second-grade teacher needs to assess a guided reading text. The teacher finds an assessment that appears to meet the needs of most of the class but would not be appropriate for two students who are English language learners (ELL). The teacher decides to adjust assessment preparation strategies and still use the test.

Which assessment preparation strategy is appropriate for the teacher to provide the ELL students?

Bilingual flashcards


A third-grade teacher prepares an end-of-chapter assessment covering double-digit addition for mathematics. The teacher wants to align the assessment with both the content standards and the needs of the students.

What is an appropriate strategy for this teacher to implement in preparation for the assessment?

Plan accommodations for students with exceptionalities using manipulatives from the lesson


A fourth-grade teacher has a student who struggles with fine motor functioning, making handwriting difficult. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) states that the student is allowed accommodations. During administration of an assessment, the students are given an essay prompt about why the U.S. Constitution is important.

What are two reasonable accommodations for a student with this disability?

- Allow the student to have an extended period of time
- Allow the student to use a word processor to type the response


A third-grade teacher is organizing an oral, vocabulary assessment for a class. The class includes two students who are hard of hearing.

How can the teacher ensure that the assessment is fair for all students?

Allow sign language interpreters to assist with the test for the students who are hard of hearing


What are two characteristics of effective selected-response questions?

- A broad sample of achievement is measured
- Incorrect alternatives provide diagnostic information


What is true regarding the appropriate use of constructed-response items to measure complex learning outcomes?

- Extended-response items require students to integrate and apply knowledge.
- Essay-response items provide students freedom to express and organize ideas.


What is a potential drawback of portfolio assessment?

They are time-consuming to maintain and use.


After a trip to the zoo, a fourth-grade teacher wants to assess the students' knowledge of animals in their habitats as stated in the standards.

What are two suitable goals that can be measured by performance assessment?

- Demonstrate knowledge by creating a podcast featuring their favorite zoo exhibits
- Demonstrate knowledge by drawing pictures of the animals and the environments in which they live


A writing teacher is assessing a student’s level of overall performance and growth of essay writing skills using a portfolio.

Which scoring method is appropriate?

A holistic rubric