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A first-grade student has just begun school for the first time. Previously, the student has been attending a schoolroom tent that was set up in the fields where her parents picked vegetables. The student is resisting going to the restroom to wash her hands before lunch.

How should the teacher modify this activity to take into consideration the family's influence on the student's health?

Sanitation in her previous school was different, so the student should be eased into a new routine.


While teaching a unit on the problems of illicit drug use, the teacher feels that factual information about drugs is having little impact on the students. The teacher feels the students do not approve of drug use but fears they will not be able to communicate this to their peers.

How should this teacher encourage the students to achieve this skill?

The teacher should provide opportunities for students to identify their feelings and personalize the information on drugs.


A teacher is helping students resolve a conflict on the playground and would like to promote student learning of conflict management and resolution.

How can the teacher meet this goal?

Teach students to name the problem and identify solutions before implementing their decision


A fourth-grade teacher has been working with two students to resolve a conflict. The students have agreed on a solution to the problem.

What should the teacher do to help the students implement and evaluate the plan?

Observe the students to make sure the plan is working


The teacher wants to involve family and community members in the development of tornado-safety emergency procedures.

How can the teacher meet this goal?

Develop a basic action plan that guides families and community members to safety during a tornado.


A second-grade teacher is planning a learning activity to help students learn effective ways to respond if approached by an adult stranger who asks them for directions to a nearby store.

How can the teacher effectively meet the objective?

Have students role-play running to a safe place and telling an adult they trust about the situation


Which activity supports a first-grade teacher's goal to help her students be safe if a fire occurs at home?

Invite firefighters to school to show students what firefighters look like and explain how they help


A new student in the school district is HIV positive. Although this information is not disclosed, administration wants to implement safety practices in case an accident should occur with this student.

How should the school communicate information to parents about these new safety practices?

Include the school's policy statement concerning HIV students in the parent handbook


What should a teacher do when a child complains of a stiff neck and has a high fever?

Call the parents and advise them to seek prompt medical care


What would be a sign of a serious head injury?

The student is unable to remember events that happened before the accident.


Which action would be appropriate for a teacher to take to avoid the transmission of strep throat?

Have infected students stay home from school until they have been free of fever for 24‐48 hours


How is the health of children impacted when they fail to wash their hands regularly?

There is an increased risk for infectious diseases.


A student reports stomach pain and feels like he is going to vomit. The teacher noticed he ate three brownies for lunch.

How should the teacher respond to this incident?

Send the student to the school nurse and inform the parents of the symptoms that were observed


A school would like to provide assistance to students faced with any type of medical emergency while at school. They are especially reconsidering their policies for handling life-threatening situations.

Which policy should they put in place to handle these situations?

They should make sure that someone who is trained in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is always present in the school.


Which elementary student is showing signs of physical neglect?

A student who plays outside without adequate supervision


Which material should be classified as hazardous when found on school grounds?

A bottle of ant spray


Which age-appropriate strategy would help a first-grade teacher help the students understand how to dress more appropriately for the weather?

Provide each student a boy and girl doll with a variety of clothing and then roll a "seasons" dice and dress the dolls in clothes that fit the season rolled


A fifth-grade teacher notices that bullying behavior is occurring in the classroom. The teacher wants to design a policy that will help eliminate the bullying behavior.

Which policy would be appropriate?

Students should report bullying to an adult.


Which activity appropriately helps a teacher assist students in making better decisions about which adult should be trusted to help them if they are lost?

The teacher reads the students a story about a lost boy who has to find help and then has the students role‐play being the lost child, a stranger, a policeman, and other trusted adults so they can practice choosing the correct adult to ask for assistance.


Which activity should a third-grade teacher incorporate into a unit on pedestrian safety?

Take students to a cross walk and demonstrate looking left, right, and left again


Which information should be included in an elementary health lesson about caffeine?

Caffeine can affect a person’s ability to sleep.


What is an appropriate way for a teacher of an elementary classroom to offer nutritional information on healthy foods to families?

Have the students take home the healthy foods chart they colored in school


Which service is provided by the Hunger-Free Kids Act?

More nutritional choices in lunch programs


Which is a characteristic of valid nutritional information?

It is provided by a government agency.


What is an appropriate strategy to help kindergartners make healthy food choices?

Provide information without being judgmental


What would be an appropriate policy to ensure elementary students remain adequately hydrated at school?

Ensure access to drinking water throughout the school day


A teacher would like to encourage the class to make good nutritional choices when given no adult guidance.

Which instructional strategy is appropriate to meet this goal?

Set up a pretend store, give each student ten dollars to buy food for one meal, and have them check the nutritional content of what they bought


A teacher notices that most students are not eating breakfast. The teacher stresses the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast every day and provides an incentive for students to eat breakfast each morning.

What are two potential benefits of more students eating breakfast?

- Decrease in absences
- Fewer incidents of tardiness


Which infection is associated with consuming unwashed fruits and vegetables and undercooked ground beef?



How does culture influence students' nutritional habits?

It influences food choices the students make.