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Which characteristics of artful teachers contribute to student curiosity and motivation in relation to arts education?

Passion, openness, and confidence


A teacher promotes taking breaks in instruction where students jump up and down, shake their limbs, and mimic animal voices.

How does this play contribute to children's development?

It alleviates stress.


An art teacher has redesigned a lesson plan that includes an assignment in which students work in groups to create and present original commercials. She plans to let the groups decide what the commercials will advertise and will encourage students to use their own experiences to make effective commercials. The students will create their own schedules for completing the assignment and she has developed a rubric for evaluating the results.

How does this lesson plan align to current research findings in student development?

Current research shows that students learn best when they are given the opportunity to connect new information to existing understandings.


A kindergarten teacher wants to prepare students for first grade cognitively and socially while making each day fun.

How could the teacher support this goal?

By having students make up rhyming games together using the names of letters, numbers, or colors


How can teachers recognize expressions of creativity in children?

Look for children who can act out a story


Which are two effective activities for encouraging the development of creativity in children?

- Have students theorize what an unfamiliar object could be used for
- Ask students to imagine a journey, such as a journey through a tree


Which stage of the creative inquiry process is described below?

In this stage, students explore and experiment with words, ideas, and images, as well as infer, compare/contrast, sort/group/combine, and find and form patterns



A third-grade teacher would like to plan a lesson about folk tales and story telling. The teacher wants to enhance creative thought and expression in the class which includes several English Language Learners (ELL).

How can the teacher meet both of these goals?

Incorporate student storytelling related to their backgrounds as a means of including drama, dance, art, and music responses


What is an appropriate response to students' artistic expressions?

Ask the students to explain what they have created


A teacher observes that the students are happiest and most engaged when they are given the opportunity to engage in creative role playing, art projects, and music. The teacher includes these creative activities every few weeks as a supplement to the lesson plans.

How does this teacher’s attitude affect the creativity of his students?

The teacher's treatment of creative activities as extra, not essential, will undermine the development of students' creativity


The Consortium of National Arts Education Associations (CNAEA) K-4 standards call for students to accurately demonstrate non-locomotor/axial movements and create a sequence with a beginning, middle, and end.

Which teaching strategy fosters creative thought and expression for students in this age group to meet all elements of the identified dance standard?

Implement the apply-practice-rehearse method to prepare students to perform the difficult bending and swinging dance steps in their upcoming dance routine


A teacher wants to encourage creativity and divergent thought while also covering required content about Colonial America.

Which would be an appropriate strategy?

Have students brainstorm a list of important people in Colonial America, conduct research on them, and then plan a classroom party where the students dress up as and play the role of their historical person


Which steps should a teacher take to formulate a creative learning opportunity for students who are intrapersonal learners, according to Gardner’s multiple intelligences?

Assign students to go outside and create a song inspired by what they see


While preparing a classroom, a teacher is collecting items for a learning center that will stimulate and increase creativity and exploration in kindergarten-age children.

How should the teacher effectively serve this intended purpose?

Provide dress-up clothes, rhythm instruments, and music CDs


A teacher wants to engage students in an art project that will support the following learning outcome:

Students will learn to cooperate and take pride in group work.

How can the teacher accomplish this goal?

Have students create a mural using cutouts and paint


To increase motor skills needed for a dance unit, a teacher adds gross motor materials to an elementary classroom.

Which two would be the most useful in increasing skills needed for dance?

- A hopscotch carpet
- A side-to-side balance board


A teacher would like to include paintings, drawings and sketches to introduce concepts of mood and perspective.

What is the earliest grade level for which these materials and this lesson plan are appropriate?

Seventh grade


Modification that supports the creative expression of diverse learners - Assistance

Allow students to work with a partner


Modification that supports the creative expression of diverse learners - Instruction

Build in more repetition through choral response


Modification that supports the creative expression of diverse learners - Response

Allow different solutions as demonstration of comprehension


How can a teacher alter the classroom to specifically support student development in the dramatic arts?

Create an open space


How are music and mathematics interrelated?

The dynamics and intervals in music are like the mathematical concepts of greater than and less than.


Which strategy could a teacher use to connect theater with reading?

Have students analyze a short play for plot


A kindergarten teacher develops a lesson to teach the following standard:

Students will learn varied letter sounds.

Which arts-based learning activity can be used to meet the content standard?

Teach students a song that incorporates consonant letter sounds.


A fourth-grade teacher wants to integrate a visual arts instructional strategy with reading.

Which two instructional strategies would be recommended to accomplish this goal?

- Read a short biography of Pablo Picasso and draw a cubist illustration
- Examine the symbolic details in a painting by Jan Van Eyck and discuss how both artists and writers use symbols


A sixth-grade teacher wants to integrate the arts as a tool when teaching students about the Holocaust.

How could a teacher design a learning activity that achieves this objective?

Act out a scene from The Diary of Anne Frank


After learning about sound, fifth graders create clay bells using hand building techniques.

Which tool is appropriate to assess craftsmanship of student work?

A rubric where criteria are based on a rating scale


An elementary art teacher would like to create more dialogue and self-reflection in the classroom.

Which three assessment tools could be used to promote these learning outcomes?

- Peer feedback
- Portfolio review
- Exhibit/performance


A teacher wants to use a developmentally appropriate assessment of the song "My Country 'Tis of Thee" sung by a third-grade student. The teacher wants to avoid too much subjectivity.

What could the teacher include in the unit’s lessons that will help to accomplish this?

A discussion of criteria, ranked highest to lowest


A third-grade teacher wants to incorporate appropriate assessment strategies into the design of a unit on Square Dance. Students will be asked to learn the proper form of five different steps, move on the beat, and show appropriate skills in partnering.

How might the teacher present assessment information throughout the unit to promote success among students?

Include criteria for quality work in the beginning of the unit and provide continuous, specific, and do-able feedback during and after the dancing