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Kohn’s student-directed learning theory

Provide curiosity and cooperation


how a teacher should incorporate behaviorist methods into classroom management strategies

Teacher gives control to students and let students be facilitators


Glasser’s classroom management theory

Students are made to behave with punishments and rewards


Which strategy should a teacher use to promote student self-awareness?

Have students create biographies in class.


Which classroom management strategy is effective for promoting self-efficacy

Open-ended dialogic questions to students


Why is it important for a teacher to provide students with decision-making opportunities in the classroom?

Reinforce sense of ownership and self-efficacy


Which classroom management strategy should a teacher implement to manage routine misbehaviors

Use finger over the lips


Which classroom management strategy should a teacher implement to handle behavioral triggers?

Discussions about feelings


Which strategy should a kindergarten teacher incorporate in the classroom to manage a student who misbehaves?

Spend time with misbehaving student to build rapport


Why is it an appropriate classroom management strategy to give a warning to high school students who misbehave?

Helps the student recognize the teacher is displeased with what they have done


Which strategy is an appropriate evidence-based classroom management plan for a teacher to implement in the classroom?

Talk to students about classroom rules so students misbehave less


Which evidence-based strategy should a teacher use to actively engage students in the classroom?

Teaching and practicing set expectations