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Restarting the device, whether you do it from within the OS or with hardware buttons on the device

Soft Reset


Reduction in power to protect a device’s CPU from heat damage; performance should pick up as the device cools

Thermal Throttling


Occurs when too many consecutive login attempts fail, the purpose being to protect the device from brute-force attacks

System Lockout


A string of bits used by a computer program to encrypt or decrypt data



A collection of configuration and security settings that an administrator has created in order to apply those settings to particular categories of users or devices



Authentication factor that is something the user knows, such as a user name, password, date of birth, Social Security number, etc

Knowledge Factor


Authentication factor that is something the user has in their possession such as a smart card or token

Ownership Factor


Authentication factor that is something the user either is or something they do like a biometric identifier



Looks through the permissions requested by your installed apps to assess the risk they pose to security and privacy

App Scanner


Technique that involves setting up equipment to spoof a carrier’s tower and infrastructure and cause a cellular device to use it instead of the normal tower equipment. Requires overpowering the nearest legitimate cell signal, causing the cellular device to lock onto it instead

Tower Spoofing


The user installs a program in the iOS device that changes settings Apple didn’t intend for users to change. Allows a user to install blocked software, such as apps that don’t come from the App Store or apps that don’t meet Apple’s legal and quality requirements



For Android devices, is a similar procedure to grant the full administrative access to the lower-level functionality of the device. Done to install software or enable functions that could not otherwise be used on the device