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Runs a modern OS and general productivity apps to accomplish the vast majority of tasks needed by office and home users. CompTIA’s name for a standard desktop computer. Doesn’t need a network connection to run and it meets the recommended requirements for its OS

Thick Client


Is a complete system that has its own OS and desktop apps, doesn’t need a network connection to run, meets recommended requirements for its OS

Thick Client


A system designed to store only very basic apps with an absolute minimum amount of hardware required by the OS. Relies on resources from servers and thus needs a network connection. Meets minimum requirements for selected OS

Thin Client


Stores only basic apps; may be a single-purpose system, needs a network connection to run; may need a network connection to boost, Meets minimum hardware requirements for its OS

Thin Client


A computer workstation for simultaneous work in multiple virtual machines. Requires enough power for the host OS, plus any virtual machines, including their OSes and software. In practice, this means a powerful 64-bit CPU with many cores and max RAM

Virtualization Workstation


Needs very large amounts of RAM - often the max the system can accept and needs a fast CPU with as many cores as the systems allow

Virtualization Workstation


A powerful desktop system designed to play the latest resource-hungry games using high-performance RAM and graphics card. Typical peripherals are fast, high-quality monitors, rich sound systems, and input devices such as mice and keyboards tailored to high-performance gaming

Gaming PC


Needs a multicore processor, high-end cooling (maybe liquid), high-end video/specialized GPU, and high-def sound card

Gaming PC


A computer workstation for graphics design that requires a fast, multicore CPU, max RAM, and serious storage space to work with massive graphics files. It also needs a high-quality graphics card and monitor

Graphics/CAD/CAM Design Workstation


Needs a multicore processor, high/end video/specialized GPU, very large amounts of RAM, often the max the system can accept, and robust storage

Graphics Workstation


A computer workstation for editing audio needs a fast multicore CPU, lots of RAM, and a large monitor. It also needs large fast hard drives and a high-quality audio interface, and may make use of specialized input devices for mixing audio

Audio Editing Workstation


A computer workstation for editing video. Combines the hardware requirements of graphics and audio editing workstations. Typically makes use of 2+ high-quality color-calibrated monitors for both editing and viewing video at native resolution. The high-speed, high-capacity storage required to edit enormous video files is commonly provided by RAID arrays

Video Editing Workstation


Needs a specialized audio and video card, large and fast storage, very large amounts of RAM often the max the system can accept, and dual monitors (or more)

Audio/Video Editing Workstation


A device that attaches to a network for the sole purpose of storing and sharing files

Network Attached Storage (NAS) device


Needs file sharing, media streaming, RAID array, and Gigabit NIC

NAS Storage