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What is Genomic imprinting

certain genes are expressed in a parent of origin specific manner.


How is GI associated with diseases like Prader-Willi syndrome

The child inherited two copies of chromosome 15 from the mother and no chromosome 15 from the father


What is uniparental disomy

inheriting 2 copies of a chromosome from one parent


What are two diseases caused by uniparental disomy?

PWS and AS


What is an ex of environmental influence of the epigenome and its consequence?

Diet can effect methylation patterns in genome


What is the significance of epigenetic biomarkers for health outcomes prediction and what would insurance companies do with this info

Can catch diseases before they progress and can possible cure them. Insurance companies are going to use this info against potential customers and not give them insurance.


How is the agouti mouse used as a biosensor for environmental modifiers of the epigenome

The mouses coat and weight gain indicates increased levels of lead exposure


What environmental contributors to the epigenome play a role in cancer?

smoking, weight gain,