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What is antibody therapy

Antibodies target cancer cell specific antigens and induce an immunological response against the target cancer cell


What is the origin and significance of Rituxumab

Is a antibody against protein CD20, found on the surface of immune system B cells. Rituxumab destroys B cells and there used to treat diseases.


How is CRISPR is being used in cancer therapy

Edits genes and creates designer immune cells programmed to hunt out and kill cancer


What is the Cancer Genome Atlas project

Help us understand what turns a normal cell into a cancer cell by identifying the genomic changes in more than 20 different types of human cancer.


What is the immunotherapy revolution

Science of mobilizing the immune system to kill cancer has seen great progress in curing cancer patients.


How are companion animals helping to identify cancer genetics and with testing of potential therapy?

They serve as a great genetic model for cancer as they suffer from many diseases like we do.


How do cancers develop resistance to therapy

By using checkpoint blockade