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Know the basics of gel electrophoresis

DNA has a negative charge so it will migrate toward the + electrode


How is LacZ used in cloning

Bac colonies that contain LacZ will be blue wen grown in media containing X-gal. When lacZ is interrupted by an inserted DNA fragment the colonies will be white


How is LacZ used in cloning

LacZ can be used to screen bac containing recombinant plasmids


What are the basics of PCR

DNA template, DNA pol enzyme, primers, nucleotides, and reaction buffer


What are the weaknesses and strengths of PCR

Weaknesses: Prior knowledge of at least part of the seq of the target DNA. Capacity of PCR to amplify small amounts of DNA, Taq cant proofread. Strengths: Amplify small amounts of DNA from crime scenes. Identify genetic variation. Isolate DNA from ancient sources.


What are the basics of quantitative PCR

probes with dif spectral wavelengths can be used to allow the quantitation of multiple targets in a single reaction


What is chromosome walking and jumping

Walking: sequencing fragments from a point near to a gene of interest. Jumping: large fragment is circularized and the junction is sequenced


What is positional cloning

isolating genes on the basis of their position on a genetic map


How is positional cloning used to clone the CF gene

CF was located by positional cloning


What is a humanized animal model

animal model that carries functional human genes cells tissues and or organs


What is the basic concepts of CRISPR and Cas system of gene editing

CRISPER spacers recognize and cute exogeneous genetic elements by delivering the Cas9 protein and appropriate guide RNAs into a cell the target organisms genome can be cut at any desired location