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_______ is the most common way to transport a Haz Mat



Hazmats are divided into _______ classifications


1 explosives
2 gases
3 flammable liquids
4 Flammable solids
5 oxidizing substances or organic peroxides
6 toxic and infectious substances
7 radioactive
8 corrosive
9 Misc Haz mat


Haz Mat regulations are issued by the ________

Which governs the transport of Haz Mats by highway, rail, vessel and air

DOT pipeline and Hazmat safety administration


The term hazardous waste includes:

Hazardous substances
hazardous waste
marine pollutants
materials with elevated temperatures


There are more than ______ CMV's dedicated to the transport of Haz mat with _______ shipment of gasoline and _______ shipments of explosives conducted each year by road way travel

400,000 CMV's

18,000,000 gas

125,000 explosives


The hybrid electric commercial motor vehicle utilizes either a _______ or _______ for propulsion

Electric power is generated by an on board __________


Electric motor

8 Electric power is generated by an on board battery pack or regulative braking


Fuel tanks on CMV's are usually constructed of _______ and when available in ________

Sizes ranging from _________ to ______ gallons

They are located on either side of the frame and are called _________

Tanks are not connected

_______ fuel is most common but ________ is starting to be used cause its cheaper

aluminum , steel

50 to 150

Saddle tanks


Bio diesel


CMV battery systems consist of _______ or more _______ batteries

Which are hooked up to each other in _______

Positive and negative terminals wired together thus recharging storage capacity

They are usually stored ________

4 or more

12 volt DC


Underneath the step up


* Never attempt to engage the brakes by ________ releasing the springs located in the sealed spring chamber



Air brake systems on a tractor connects the trailer by a min of _______ air lines

They are called ______

The couplers that provide air to the braking system are known as _______

Service line - normally blue
Emergency air line - red

Glad hands


Air compressed by an on board compressor that is run by the vehicles engine.

It stores the compressed air at ______ to _____ psi and auto starts and fills the tanks when psi drops below _______

120 to 125 psi

100 psi


There are ______ types of air brakes that make up the braking system on a CMV


Service brake - Normal brake pedal

Air brake / Parking brake - When vehicle is at a complete stop, system bleeds out compressed air to hold back large springs that release and lock the brakes in place

Emergency brake - Uses a combo of the other 2 brakes when brake failure or air line break occurs


_______ hinges may be hidden on the inside of the door

Two piece full / solid hinges


Doors on CMV's are very similar to conventional door except heavier steel.

The door handle is located _______

The latching mechanism grabs the nader bolt at ________ points

Expose and cut

Lower corner of the door

2 points


Tractor have ______ axles


1 up front to control steering has one wheel on each side

2 in the rear with 2 wheels on each side


______ is a structural component or shaft that is designed for wheel rotation

The three types are:


Live axle - transmit propulsion

Dead axle - used for load support

Lift axle - can be raised or lowered


A _______ is a separate box deck or plate mounted behind the cab in front of the 5th wheel.

It can be used to store products that should be kept away from the load in the cargo area, or to mount a power unit.



A stabilizing device called ______ _______ is at the front of the trailer and can be lowered to stabilize the tractor when its not hooked up to the tractor

Loading gear

operated by manual hand crank


The cargo trailer of a semi tractor trailer is connected to the tractor by the ________


* The kingpin sits in a flat harsh coupling called a fifth wheel, also called a turntable hitch

* fifth wheels are a attached to the frame rails of the tractor.

* The manual release is located the drivers side of the fifth wheel


The GCWR is calculated to determine a CV's cargo capacity limitations

It stands for ________

Gross combined weight rating


To maintain a CMV's suspension system you can _________ or ________

C Class tow truck w/ 2 slings to lift it w/ boom

Position air bags between the frame and the top of the tires


Designed to protect CMV's cargo and frame system from damage and wear ________

Connects the axles including the wheels to the vehicle



Makes up the structural framework of the CMV, includes the braking, steering, and suspension. The frame structure is the _______ part of the CMV.

Its constructed of heavy gauge steel 2 parallel beams hold together with crossbeams




Sleepers are most commonly found in a _______

* can be added or factory integrated outer shell uses a material known as _______

* ________ are most effective because of the large span of cutting required

Semi truck


reciprocating saws


Because of the tilt cab design on a COE ( Cab over engine) for safety purposes the cab may need to be ________

Secured to the frame before extrication


CT's are cabs are usually made out of steel, aluminum, and fiberglass

3 different types cab types:

Cab over engine ( tilt cabs)
Driver seat is positioned over the front axle

Conventional cab
Driver seat located behind the engine and front axles
* common in the US , Large fuels tanks

Cab beside engine -
Driver sits next to the engine
Mostly shipyards and airports


Anatomy of a commercial truck ( CT)

Almost all CT's have a similar constructions features

Sections include:
Cargo area and drive train and power train

* The system that transfers rotational power from the engine to the wheels, makes the truck move


CMV's are classified into _______ categories. And are measured utilizing GVWR and the work duty of the engine as it relates to emissions

Classes 1 to 8

Class 1 0 - 6000 lbs
2a F150
2b F250
3 F350
4 F450
5 F550
6 F650
7 F750
8 above 33,000lbs tractor trailer


In the US the ______ implements rules and regs on CMV's.

NFPA required level ______ techs as well as JPR to perform extrication on CMV's


Level 2 tech


Cribbing height for box crib should ________

not exceed two times it width ( Possibly length)