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Air Rescue usage must comply with the following:

Ground transport to a trauma center expected to exceed 20 minutes for a trauma alert or 30 minutes for a high index

Ground transport is not available and is not expected to become available within 20 minutes

Extrication time of a trauma alert victim is anticipated to exceed 20 minutes

The helicopter is needed to gain access to the patient or transport the patient from an inaccessible area


Air rescue for inter facility usage :

Transfers must be of a time critical nature as determined by the treating physician and estimated ground transport time from the sending facility to receiving facility must exceed 30 minutes

Ground transport is not available and is not expected to become available within a reasonable time.


Air Rescue

When patient preparation is complete, a minimum of ___ people including the flight medic will be used to carry the patient to the helicopter. The flight medic will be at the __________ of the patient


Left foot


Air Rescue

Under direction of the flight medic, the patient will be loaded slowly into the helicopter, _______ first, at approximately ____ degree angle





DMAT is a group of professional and para- professional medical personnel designed to provide........

medical care during a disaster or other event


DMAT's can sustain themselves at a disaster sites for a period of _______

72 hrs


DMAT personnel are activated for a period of time of .....

2 wks


Upon receiving a DMAT alert/ activation notification , members will consist S.O.C. with the following ........

Members name and response status to a deployment of DMAT

Anticipated departure and arrival time at the designated muster location

Status such as responding with intent to deploy or responding to assist with deployment

Copies of activation orders


Haz Mat exposures are classified as

High risk and Low Risk


Haz Mat

High Risk exposure classified as .....

Patient meets any "credible threat" criteria

Patient inhales, swallows, ingests or has significant contact w/ suspicious substance


Haz Mat

Low Risk exposure classified as ....

Patient has very limited exposure to suspicious substance ( hand or small area of clothing)

Patient does not meet any of the other "credible threat" criteria and is asymptomatic


Local Fire Rescue / EMS response & First Responder Guidelines for WMD incidents

1. Establish Incident Command Structure consistent with established protocol.

2. Address immediate life safety / security concerns, including decontamination of exposed persons

3. Secure scene, await Hazardous Materials Team Response


State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) Uniform Classification System for Categorizing Hazardous Materials Incidents

Minor (Category 1)

Moderate (Category 2)

Major ( Category 3)


Hazmat Tiered Level Response

SERC Category Response

1 minor -- 1 municipal & 1 County Hazmat Team

2 Moderate - 1 municipal & 1 County Hazmat

3 Major -- 2 municipal & 1 County Hazmat Team


TRT Response Protocol

The Following incidents require an automatic TRT Response .......

9 different responses

MVA involving 3 or more vehicles

Extrications of two or more pts. or any extrication anticipated to take longer than 20 minutes

Airport Alert 3

Railroad incident

Elevated Accidents

Trench Emergencies

Confined Space emergencies

Structural Collapse

Request from another agency or TRT team


Regarding Structural collapse , the following are structural failure causes....

Natural Occurrences

Fire or explosion

Human Factors

Engineering Factors


Regarding a structural collapse incident, personnel will perform a safety analysis every _____ mins



Search Assessment Markings

Personnel performing the search function will draw an ____ that is 2'x2' with orange spray paint.



The X will be operated in two operations as follows ........

A single slash, drawn upon entry into a structure or area will indicate search operations are currently in progress

A crossing slash will be drawn when search & rescue staff complete the search and exit the structure or area.


Distinct markings will be made inside the four quadrants of the "X" to clearly denote the search status and findings at the time of the assessment as follows.

Left Quadrant

Top Quadrant

Right Quadrant

Bottoms Quadrant

Identifier of the rescue team competing the search

Time and date rescue team members left the structure

Hazards ( rats, etc)

Number of live and/ or deceased victims removed from inside the structure

( "0" = no victims, "L" = Live, "D" = Dead)


When buried victims are discovered alive in a collapse after several hours of work, the team will not remove them unless ........

secondary collapse, fire, electrocution, or drowning is imminent. ( crush syndrome)


Weights of various floor / materials

- Concrete / masonry

- Normal concrete floor

- Wood Floor

125 - 150 lbs per cubic foot

100 - 150 lbs per square foot

10 - 20 lbs per square foot


The maximum length of a shore should be no more than _____ times its width




You can build your crib box ____ times as high as the box is wide



Cribbing capacities

4x4 ( two per player)

4x4 (three per layer)

6x6 ( two per player)

6x6 (three per layer)

24,000 lbs

48,000 lbs

60,000 lbs

135,000 lbs

*All values have a 2:1 safety factor


Trench Rescue



A trench is a narrow vertical excavation ( in relation to its length) made below the surface of the earth. In general , a trench is deeper than its width


Trench Rescue

Individual Team will be limited to _____ minutes in any excavation and/ or trench

30 mins


Trench Rescue

While working in a trench the evacuation ladder should be no more than _____ ft from workers



Rope Rescue

If the terrain is greater than ____ degrees inclination, Command may decide to wait until TRT arrives

40 degrees


Rope Rescue

The stokes basket evolution should be conducted with a minimum of ___ attendants