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The on-coming ranking station Officer will inspect the condition of the
station with the ___ __ __.

The on-coming Officer will either accept or reject the condition of the fire station and make of the condition in the__ __ __.

The entry will include any
variation from the station’s proper condition / circumstance

off-going Officer.

formal written entry
FireRMS log

(i.e. quarters
appear unclean, leaking faucet, defective HVAC system, and/or notation
of station repairs pending / completed since prior shift).


Rejection of a station by an on-coming shift Officer will immediately be reported to the appropriate ___ ___.

Battalion Chief


On-duty staff will arise no later than __ ___prior to scheduled shift
change and perform necessary duties prior to the end of that shift.

one hour


Rescue Company Apparatus

Complete and maintain the
required inspection form located on the BSO Informant, Form __ __ __.

# BSO FR 36.


Rescue Company Apparatus

The Company Officer shall assign a _________ to complete the ALS Rescue Daily Inventory Form, Narcotic Inventory Forms and Knox Box Form.

Fire Fighter/Paramedic or


Rescue Company Apparatus

It shall be the responsibility of to assist in checking all apparatus and equipment as needed.

all Company Fire Fighters or Paramedics


Engine / Ladder Company Apparatus

Perform daily ALS equipment inspection. Complete and maintain the
required ALS Engine Daily Inventory Form located on the BSO Informant, Form ___ ____

# BSO FR 37.


Engine / Ladder Company Apparatus

Perform the daily/weekly fire suppression apparatus inspection as directed
on Form __ ____ located on the BSO Informant.

# BSO FR 60


Engine / Ladder Company Apparatus

Inspections of reserve apparatus shall be assigned at the discretion of the ___ ___ _____.

Shift Captain or ranking Company Officer


Inventory check lists shall be periodically reviewed by ____ _____ ____ ____ but should remain in the fire station files.

Battalion Chiefs and
District Chiefs


All compartments and storage areas shall be checked for equipment according to
apparatus inventory lists for specific apparatus. These guidelines are located in the _________ folder.

H DRIVE\FRSHARE\Apparatus Equipment and Inventory


Any missing or damaged equipment shall be noted on the appropriate form(s) and
reported through the___ ___ ___.

appropriate chain of command.


Weekly Fire Station / Apparatus / Equipment Duties


Rescue & Fire Suppression Apparatus

-State EMS inspection
-Company officers perform bunker gear inspection
-SCBA masks inspected and cleaned


Weekly Fire Station / Apparatus / Equipment Duties

Rescue Apparatus

Fire Suppression Apparatus

Fire Station

-Clean & inventory interior of apparatus, including patient stretcher.

-Clean & inventory interior of the apparatus
-Clean & inventory all exterior compartments and tools

-Apparatus washed & waxed on 1st Tuesday of the month


Weekly Fire Station / Apparatus / Equipment Duties

Rescue Apparatus

Fire Station

-Clean exterior compartments including equipment (backboards, immobilizers, etc..)

-Thorough fire station cleaning to include all interior areas & appliances


Weekly Fire Station / Apparatus / Equipment Duties

Rescue & Fire Suppression Apparatus

Fire Station

-Clean and inventory all “action equipment” (airway bag, med box, broselow bag, etc..)

-Exterior fire station cleaning (windows, walkways, garbage removal, etc..)


Weekly Fire Station / Apparatus / Equipment Duties

Fire Station

-Clean bay floors
-Clean all alcoves in appartus bay


Weekly Fire Station / Apparatus / Equipment Duties

Fire Station

-Inventory day. Orders must be received by Logistics no later than Monday morning at 0800 hours.


Weekly Fire Station / Apparatus / Equipment Duties

the Company

1. No specific pre-assigned weekly duties.
2. Additional duties may be assigned at the discretion of


Fire Station Repairs

All non-emergency fire station repair requests shall be made to the appropriate District Chief through the C.O.C


Fire Station Repairs

The Company Officer requesting the fire station repair shall follow the Support Services Issues Email guidelines:

The Support Services email mailbox should not be used to handle:

Non life-threatening and non-emergent repair requests shall be sent to the “FR Support Svcs-Issues email mailbox.

a. Life safety issues and emergency needs.
b. Uniform requests.
c. Special order requests.
These issues should follow the regular notification process.


Support Services Personnel

The email in the FR Support Svcs-Issues inbox shall be checked each morning and shall be assigned to the appropriate Support Services staff member. The request shall be:

i. Emailed (with a 24 hour follow up flag).
ii. Printed out and placed in the appropriate staff member’s
iii. A copy will be filed with the Assistant Chief of Support


Support Services Personnel

Issues or complaints assigned to Support Services personnel are to be updated within __ __of receiving the notification.

Any issue/complaint not able to be addressed within this time frame necessitates contacting the ____ ____ of Support Services for assistance.

24 hours

Assistant Chief


Support Services Personnel

The Support Services member investigating the issue and/or
complaint is required to forward an email response to FR Support Svcs-Issues in the following manner:

TO: FR Support Svcs-Issues
CC: Fire Rescue Deputy Chief of Administration, Assistant
Chief of Support Services, District Chief and Battalion Chiefs assigned to the affected location, any personnel copied on the previous email notification.

SUBJECT: Keep original name of complaint/issue for tracking.


Support Services Personnel

All emergency fire station repair requests shall be made to the appropriate ____ _____ _____ _____ through the ___ ______.

District Chief and/or on-call Assistant Chief
chain of command


Support Services Personnel

Any Support Services issue that is determined to be a life safety issue necessitates contacting the Assistant Chief of Support Services or designee through
____ __ ____ __.

FireCom at any time, day or night.


Vehicle Repair Procedures

Vehicle Repairs Needed Form

i. This form allows for a detailed explanation of the problem or suspected problem.
ii. Each repair issue should be listed separately


Vehicle Repair Procedures

Emergency repairs during regular business hours (Monday through Friday from 0700 to 1700 hours):

a. Notify the appropriate Battalion Chief.
b. Contact the Fleet Services Coordinator.
c. Email the Fleet Coordinator with the nature of the repair request and follow the documentation procedures listed above.
d. If unable to contact the Fleet Coordinator, the Battalion Chief shall contact the Assistant Chief of Support Services


Emergency repairs after regular business hours (Saturday, Sunday and
Monday through Friday from 1700 to 0700 hours):

Notified to BC

Email fleet coordinator with the nature of repair

Battalion chief will contact Dispatch request a tow truck

BC will notify on call assistant chief

Emergency lighting will be repaired at the earliest opportunity during the service normal operating hours


Personal Property on Station Premises

Personnel will be permitted to keep exercise equipment at stations with the permission of the ___ ___ _____ or designee.

Deputy Chief of Operations