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Who is excluded from the bargaining unit?

Executive Director of fire rescue, Deputy Fire Chief, assistant fire rescue Chief, division chief, special project coordinator, all clerical classification, all maintenance classifications and other support staff members and classifications not specifically included above.


The parties agree to mutually petition the PERC to amend the bargaining unit consistent with the language of section 1 of this article. What does PERC stand for?

Florida public employees relations commission


That union will not discriminate in membership on the basis of:

Race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, disability, pregnancy, marital status, or gender identity and, expression or otherwise required by law

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Removal from the bargaining unit or membership removal is the exclusive right of the:

Union, provided that such removal is not solely related to age race creed color religion national origin sex marital status disability or sexual orientation.

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Who is included in the bargaining unit?

Firefighter/paramedic, driver engineer, Lieutenant, captain, battalion chief, fire safety inspector, and prevention officer


The union will not discriminate against employees covered by the agreement on the basis of their:

Refusal to become a union member

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BSO has an established internal procedure to investigate and resolve alleged cases of discrimination, which is in addition to existing an adequate procedures established by The:

Broward County

State of Florida

Federal government

Accordingly, no allegation of employment discrimination can be processed through the contractual grievance/arbitration procedure.

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Any discrimination claim must be referred to the:

Sheriff's equal employment opportunity division

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Subject to the terms of this agreement the sheriff has the exclusive right to:

A)To manage and direct all employees of the sheriffs office including the scope of service to be performed by each employee and the content of each job classification/description
B)Higher, rehire, promote, transfer, schedule, sign, retain and layoff of police and positions with the sheriffs office unless other wise modified within the contract language.
C)To suspend, demote, discharge, or take another disciplinary action against employees for just cause.

To determine the number of all employees who shall be employed by the sheriff, job make up, activities, assignments, and the number of hours and shifts to be work per week or pay period, including starting and quitting times of all employees unless other wise modified within the contract language.

To determine the number, types and grades of positions or employees assigned to an organizational unit, department or project, and the right to alter, combine, reduced, expand or cease any position organizational unit.


It is the right of the sheriff subject only to the terms of this agreement to:

Require employees to participate in drug and or alcohol testing as required by the standards of the drug-free workplace act and or the sheriffs policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

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The union made grieve the sheriffs decision should:

Decisions on the above matters have the practical consequences of violating the terms of this agreement and/or affecting any other existing working conditions of employment.

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When can the sheriff or the executive director of fire rescue or his designee suspend the provisions of this collective bargaining agreement relating to shift work assignments, hours of work and overtime, leaves, and staffing levels?

In the event of a riot, extraordinary civil emergency or natural disaster. The suspension of these contract provisions shall not impact economic issues.

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The union, its officers, agents, representatives, and it's bargaining unit members and employees agree that they will not strike, as defined by the:

Public employees relations act

And they agree not to participate in a strike against the sheriff by instigating or supporting a strike, nor shall the bargaining unit members participate any work stoppage, slowdown, sickout, job actions or picketing in furtherance of any of the above prohibited activities.

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There shall be no picketing whatsoever______by the bargaining unit members covered by this agreement.

In uniform

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During the terms of this agreement, the sheriff agrees that it will not authorize, cause, or engage in any lock out of bargaining unit members unless:

A lockout should become necessary for the protection of the sheriffs property

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Florida statutes section 447.505 states:

No public employee or employee organization may participate in a strike against a public employer or by instigating or supporting, in any manner, a strike.

Any violation of this section shall be subject to the penalties provided in this part (Florida statute section 447.507)

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The sheriff shall allow the union to maintain a minimum of___payroll slots for union deductions. Additional slots may be available by the sheriff upon written request of the union.


Any changes in the amounts to be deducted shall be given to the sheriff and bargaining unit members 30 days in advance

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The sheriff shall permit the union to maintain three separate payroll deduction slots (one pretax and two post tax) designated specifically for the:

Benefit fund

The sheriff agrees to make all payments to the union or benefit fund by electronic funds transfer

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Bulletin boards are to be used as a means of communication to members of the union. Items posted on bulletin boards must be written on:

Union letterhead and signed by union official
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The union agreement shall be printed and supplied to the union. The union will receive 20 copies and one copy will go to all work locations by the sheriff within___working days following ratification at new cost to the union.


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Each fire station, fire prevention branch and training branch of the department shall have a completed operations and procedures manual via Internet accessible by station personnel who should be responsible for the knowledge of its contents. Employees disciplined as a result of failure to adhere to the rules and regulations in the operations and procedures manual shall have the provisions in the:

Grievance and arbitration procedure article available to them

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The sheriff will provide and maintain the following reference materials at all the fire stations as designated below, including, but not limited to:

Operations and procedures manual (OPM) via Intranet

International fire service training Association (IFSTA) manuals for all the fire stations

An updated pharmaceutical reference book for all ALS units

A dictionary

An updated copy of the EMS protocols and paramedic manual for all ALS units

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The union will be provided with a dedicated BSO computer terminal at an agreed-upon location for access to the BSO network and any other job related programs such as:

BSO informant



*The cost of maintaining connectivity, Internet, shall be the responsibility of the union

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Up to___members of the union, designated by the president, shall be allowed time off without pay to attend the unions state convention. Each delegate shall be allowed to take off___shifts during each fiscal year.





Up to___members of the union, designated by the President shall be allowed time off without pay to attend the unions international convention. Each delegate shall be allowed to take off___shifts once every___years.






Union time Pool allocations may be utilized for union business upon approval by the:

Union president or designee

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Members of the union may donate up to__shifts___hours, per year of annual leave to a paid union time pool to be used by members of the union.


Authorization from the bargaining unit number must be submitted in writing before such donation is effected

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Under normal circumstances union time Pool utilization will include the reasonable notice of___hours.




On January 1 of each year. The sheriff will contribute___hours to the union time pool.


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The sheriff agrees that all bargaining unit members shall be afforded the right to join a union and receive union representation in any and all circumstances involving their employment where an employee:

Reasonably believes discipline may result

The union shall be given timely notification of any and all proceedings, meetings, fact-finding, interviews, interrogations, investigations, and or hearings where a bargaining unit number is present in the subject of an investigation prior to the commencement of the event and shall be permitted to attend.

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