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Heavy construction equipment:

Front end loaders
back hoes



Tables convert to

Sleep quarters can be

If a crew enters an RV fire they should have a

If you arrive to an occupied RV fire and it is contained to the engine compartment

What is the best tactic?


Above the drivers compartment

A RIC standing by even though its just an RV

Extinguishment prior to search


RV fires

Hazard unique to an RV

They can be located

If the relief valve opens

Another unique hazard to RV's

RV gray water is

Black water is

LPG tanks

Anywhere and can vary in size

Tank is in need of immediate cooling

Anhydrous ammonia (refrigeration system)

Water that is held after use Ex washing dishes ,laundry

Human waste from bathroom


RVs are basically

Class A motor home

Class C motor home

Passenger bus conversions are typically used by

Van campers are also known as:

Buildings on wheels

Large RV's with a modular body frame

Much like class A's except they have a truck or van chassis and a cab with a modular camping unit attached to the frame


Class B motor homes


Large commercial vehicle

Hot metal will steam _____, FF often mistake steam for ____

In many cases a truck is a persons _____

long after extinguishment, Smoke



The minimum response for a large truck fire should be :

After consulting the driver, you have the option to ____ or a tractor trailer fire

In large truck fires a back up line should always be stretched for ____ and ___ reasons

When venting a trailer, you do have the option to

a min of 2 engines and an IC

Separate the cab and trailer

Safety and extinguishment

Cut vent holes in the top and sides


___ should be familiar with placards and container shapes

Strategic goals for a large commercial truck fire will depend on

In large commercial trucks, engine compartments can be located _____ or _____

Company officers and IC

Vehicle size and type
threatened exposures

Front of the truck or under the cab


A typical hard found in large commercial trucks and semi trucks

When working under these trucks be aware of

Saddle tanks are usually carry diesel, some gasoline. Some sizes range from____ and ____

inaccessibility of the cab

Suspension systems
* cribbing must be in place first Pg 357

25 to 100 gallons each


Any large commercial truck that either pulls a trailer or has a cargo box on the same frame can be _____

These fires are different than passenger vehicle fires and must be treated accordingly

Semi trailer or heavy duty truck
* cargo is too large for personal use


Vehicle Fires

Under fire conditions the front windshield will usually ___ and the side windows will ____.

Usually a ____ on side windows will break them.

If possible, salvage the ____ and ____ from the car



Strategical stream
cold water on hot glass

Vehicle registration and proof if insurance


Vehicle Fires

For small engine compartment fires ___

may be effective. But ____ usually the use of an _____ handling or greater is sufficient. Avoid using ____.

Dry Chemical extinguisher

It has no cooling properties

1.5 inch

booster lines


Vehicle Fires

The safest approach to search and rescue is to

Be prepared to ____ during search and rescue

If you have a pt you may have to _____

When human trafficking, people have been found:

In parking lots FF's can:

Perform it simultaneously with extinguishment

Cut seat belts

Suspend FF operations until resources arrive

Sewn into seats

Move endangered cars aways from the fire


General tactic are applied to all vehicle fire.

First order of business:

Dont hesitate to:

Hose line should be parked:

Engine should be parked:

Initially operate lines from ____ until vehicle is cooled. Then approach at a ____ degree angle. To the front or rear, not straight on.

Once conditions permit ______

Protect FF by blocking traffic

Block 2 lanes

Off the curb side of the engine

Uphill upwind when possible

A safe distance

45 degree angle

Chock the wheels


E 85 fuel is highly flammable and :

There are over ____ E85 vehicle on the road.

Before approaching a vehicle fire

Heavier than air ****
Must use alcohol resistant foam

6 million

It is critical to ascertain whether it has any hazmats inside


Hybrid vehicle dont "start", they turn on when:

____ vehicles emissions are essentially water, expect this type to be common place in the future

Tribrid vehicle are in development they use:

when the driver moves the key fob within range. Range varies drastically depending on the manufacture

Hydrogen fuel cell

a 3rd component solar panel

Development of fully solar powered vehicle is also underway


CNG and LPG vehicle are used mostly for:

The only way to know if vehicle operates CNG or LPG is:

To get acquainted with hybrid vehicles:

Orange wires should be considered:

In a hybrid the battery starting system is a ____ system, and the energy storage system (battery power system) may be a:

Fleet service
* noting the slightly different type of fuel door

Contact dealership, they have manufactures guidelines for emergency responders

High voltage, don't cut

12 volt , lithium ion battery pack under the floorboard. Lithium ion batteries require large volumes of water to extinguish


Vehicle Fires

Airbag components and actuators can be found:

Typically airbags deploy regardless of whether:

Unless there is a need to rescue a victim:

Don't cut _____ wires. They are for airbags systems. May cause them to deploy.

In a convertible, the roll bar activates:

Virtually anywhere in a vehicle

Anyone is in the seat, * Unless its a smart air bag

Keep body parts outside the deployment

Bright yellow

With explosive force, can activate during a fire even if the vehicle did not Flip


Vehicle fire Hazards


Any compressed component of the engine:

Hood or latch pistons


can explode

Explode under pressure

may fail violently

may deploy under fire conditions


Vehicle fire hazards

Drive shafts:

Ac units:


Wheel, motors and airbags made with :

Catalytic converters

Car batterries

May explode and expel shrapnel

Emit deadly phosgene gas when burning

May decompose and eject violently

Magnesium (violent water reaction)

Temps over 1500 degrees F when functioning properly

May explode and eject acid


____ including cars, vans and light pickups make up the majority of vehicle fires

3 categories of vehicle hazards:

Vehicles are not designed to work properly under _____

Passenger vehicle
* Don't become complacent, can't be taken lightly

Vehicle components, alternate fuels, hazardous cargo

Fire conditions
* can't rely on brakes working or any other part to maintain its integrity


Vehicle fire can be considered :

A typical car fire can be handled by :

A company officer at a vehicle fire becomes the :

If media arrives, he also becomes the :

Mobile hazmat fires

One engine, one hose line, one set of tools

IC, accountability officer, liaison, investigator, safety officer, and operations. They also usually involved in extinguishment



A phenomenon found in HR fires where in heated smoke rises until it establishes equilibrium with the surrounding area and then moves horizontally



A phenomenon found in HR fires where in as heated air rises and then cools, it forms a layer, or ceiling, from which more rising smoke banks
Pg 343

Stack effect



Initial evacuation should only take place on :

the fire floor and floor above


High Rises pose several challenges that can effect FF safety:

height of building

Effective comms

FF fatigue

Personnel accountability


Overhaul of a high-rise is :

Most HR buildings are:

labor intensive

Commercial office buildings



If extra resources are not available focus on:

In defensive mode, pick a position that is not:

confining the fire

Over exposed


HR fires

3rd or 4th engine company should:

All engine companies should bring:

** All handlines operating should be at least:**

FD hose is usually tested:

get the second handling in operation

Extra lengths of hose and extra SCBA cylinders

** 2 1/2**

Annually or semi annually


Confinement in HR's usually is performed by:

The task of first attack crews is to :

second attack crew:

Pairing of crews at a HR fire should be:

effective and timely extinguishment

Stretch sufficient hose to reach the fire and supplying the sprinkler and standpipe systems

Help get 1 st hotline in operation and then stand by, reserve air supply and be ready to relieve the first engine crew on the line

A standard practice



Exposure to adjacent buildings can be prevented by:

advancing hoselines into the exposed buildings and operating them on the the fire building