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Well constructed buildings fire usually contained to the apt on fire.

Fires in these buildings produce _____

An _____ interior attack is critical

At least one _____ should go to the hallway where the apt door has been left open

Fire resistive MFD

Great heat


2 1/2 hoseline


New Apt building

Overhauling must be done on all _____ with emphasis on _______

All floors above the original fire floor

the floor directly above the fire floor


New Apt Building

If the entire building needs to be vented, use ______

If contained to a bedroom in an apt. with light smoke in the hallway use

roof ventilation



New Apt Building

Preferred method for getting on a roof:

FF should go to the top floor and ____, If a fire in the cockloft is located _______. In an extensive cockloft fire _____ should take place. This is a ______. It should start _____ to ______ from the main vent hole.

Adjacent building

* Pull ceilings, roof, cutting op should begin immediately

A trench cut

* last resort

20 to 30 ft


When long hose lays are required to reach the fire look for a _______ in the stairway. One 50ft length of hose at the base of the stairs can usually reach ______ floors.

Apt should be _____ after a search has been completed

Well pg 255

5 floors

*any mark will work look at the dept SOG


Paths for fire to travel in newer apt buildings:

The use of _____ allows a path for fire to travel because ______ conducts heat.

Elevators, trash chutes, dumbwaiters

Steel I beams
can help it travel vertically or horizontally


New Apt buildings

3 types of stair layouts

Isolated - singles that serves a certain part of the building

Wing - Located on each wing, you cannot go from 1 wing to the other unless you're in the lobby

Transverse-located on each wing, you can cross to opposite wings on each floor
*best kind for FF


Newer apt building

An advantage from a FF standpoint:

Access to the basement is through:

Basement ceilings may have ______

Interior stairways are constructed with:

Interior apt walls are _____ at each ____

Apt doors are _______

No interior stairs leading to the basement

Exterior courtyards and alleys

fire resistive construction

Fire resistive materials and surrounded by the fire resistive walls

Firestopped, each floor

Fire resistive


Newer Apt building construction:

______,______,_____ than older buildings

Biggest structural difference:

Most buildings have 2 wing sections and a _____ that separates them

Higher, wider, deeper

* unprotected steel I beam
Vertical and horizontal support structures


Throat - Stairwells , elevators
wings - apartments


After a hose line is in position to attack, ______ can begin. For max ventilation from windows open them :
* premature ventilation could cause:

____ can be used in conjunction with horizontal ventilation in old apt buildings

Horizontal ventilation

Maximize the opening
Double hung : 2/3 from the top 1/3 from bottom the bottom allows fresh air to enter

Backdraft and expose FF to fire, heat and smoke



In older apt buildings:

______ can be used to ventilate stairwells.

Use ____ or ____ to get on the roof, don't use _____

After lifting a door to the roof bulkhead:


Adjacent buildings or TL's not interior stairwells

Check floor below for victims and then continue ventilation by removing skylights and vent covers


Older Apt Buildings:

Stretch hoseline via the _____ to the fire apt. to ensure protection of this vital stairway

For a basement fire: Its crucial to stretch the first hose line through the front door to the _____ to protect the interior hall for evacuees

interior stairway

Cellar stairs
* After occupants are out you can attempt to descend and extinguish


Getting the initial hose line between the buildings occupants and the fire may _____

Visible hazards like people hanging out windows or coming down fire escapes might indicate:

_____ of an older building is imparative

Save more lives than trying to perform multiple rescues

An even greater life hazard inside the building not visible from the street

* Because of construction fire and smoke can spread anywhere, cannot shelter in place


In older apt buildings FF should be particularly careful about ascending or descending the _____. They are usually old and the _____ are open without any fire resistant quality.

Susceptible to collapse under ____

Stairs to the basement


A FF weight


In older apt buildings

______ are used as a secondary means of egress, but may not be well maintained.

Interior stairways and landings are typically made of ____ and are very narrow

A _____ may be present and will contribute to fire spread

Fire escapes


Ex Light shaft


Older apt building construction

Fire resistive brick exterior with sold wood material for the interior

Betweej 4 to 6 stories high

Generally 2 to 4 apartments per floor


Multi family dwellings typically have unprotected vertical opening between floor and horizontal openings between apartments. So ____ is always indicated


Bedding and furnishing should still be removed from the building even in a multi story structure


PPV works very well in



Formula to determine correct water flow and correct sizehose

Fire ground fire flow
Pg 246


In multi fam dwell

The IC must consider the resources needed for total eva as compared to ______

Hose lines should confine the fire to a room, apartment or floor and also _____
to slow fire spread

Shelter in place

Protect stairwells and other means of egress

Close the door on fire room


Multiple Fam Dwellings

Searches should be performed ______ with _____ taken care of first

Priorities for a multiple floor search

Systematically - those in the worst danger

Fire floor, floor above fire, top floor, rest of building


FF working on upper floors require:

In a large building accountability officers should be placed _______

A RIC in a position to respond quickly
* maybe in the fire building but away from the fire area

At entrance points


Categories of Multiple family dwellings

Old apartment building
New """
Fire resistive
Row frame
Brown stone
Garden apartments


______ are occupancies that have 3 or more families

These buildings have ____ that present a safety hazard for FF

Multiple family dwelling

Complex layouts


Uses standard 2x4 studs exterior framing members (wall studs) extend vertically from the basement to the roof

Balloon frame construction


A good first tactic at a mobile home fire might be :

If a propane cylinder is outside the motor home:

Never attempt ____ at a MH fire.

Be aware of grow houses, they often tap into the high voltage electrical system to bypass the meter. Electrical system is always live up to ____

Quick fire knockdown from the exterior

Turn off and protect from heat

, Vertical ventilation

240 volts


____ times as many people die in mobile home fires proportionally than in 1 and 2 dwelling

For every 1000 fires that break out ___ victims

Will die in mobile homes, whereas fewer than ____ will die in 1 and 2 am dwelling

The main causes of this:

3 times

21 , 7

Rapid fire spread through mobile home contents and fewer safe exits


Manufactured homes are :

Transportable structures that are fixed to a chassis and designed to be towed

* used to be called "mobile homes"


Garages are like basements regarding _____

Garage _____ can be hazardous

They are usually made of _____, ______, or _____

2 kinds:

It is imperative that


overhead doors

wood, aluminum, light steel

Rolls on tracks, slides back against ceiling

They are braced open


3 types of garages in homes

One story - Truss connect with house w/ no fire spottiest an extension of the structure - kitchen or utility room

2 story - garage roof is separate and ties into the side of the house providing a fire stop

Under living quarters - ceiling is the floor for living quarters. Interior entry door goes into the basement