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After Chizkiyahu tore his clothes where did he go to?

The Beis Hamikdash


Who did Chizkiyahu send to Yeshaya Hanavi and why?

He send Elyakim, the sofer, and ziknei kohannim to ask him what to do and to daven for them.


What was Yeshayahu's reassuring message to them?

Don't be afraid because Hashem will be on your side.


Why was it necessary for Sancheriv to leave and then return?

King of Kush had invaded Ashur and Sancheriv returned to his country to try and repel the invaders.


After his unsuccessful attempt to force Chizkiyahu to surrender-1- went to report to melech Ashur but Sancheriv had already began his -2- advance on -3- suddenly Sancheriv was told that the king of-4- invaded his country.

1. Ravshakai
2. first
3. Yerushalim
4. Kush.


What was Chizkiyahu's response to the impending attack from Ashur?

He davens to Hashem for help.


What was Yeshayahu's nevuah about Bnei Yisrael?

that they will be saved.


What does it mean Vayehe bayom hahu?

This event happened on the night after Sancheriv arrived, at midnight, First night of pesach.


Who went out?

Malach Gavriel


What happened?

Malach Gavriel went out and struck 185000 soldiers of Ashur. This was a huge Nes because the army of Ashur was a huge, seemingly invisible force.


What happens to Sancheriv?

He bowed down to his idols and while bowing, his two sons killed him and ran away and another son ruled after him.


Why did his sons kill him?

Sancheriv asked his advisers in what merit that the jews were saved and they said it was in the merit of the Akayda, So Sancheriv said that he would offer up his two sons for his idols and they killed him to save themselves.