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How old was Chizkiyahu when he became king and how many years did he rule for? Where did he rule?

He was 25 years old and ruled for 29 years in Yerushalim


Who was his mother?

aviya bas Zecharya{some say that she was the daughter of the Navi Zecharya.}


How is Chizkiyahu described?

He did good in the eyes of Hashem.( Ralbag adds that in a way he was more righteous than Dovid because he was free from all sins)


What did Chizkiyahu do for the Beis Hamikdash?

Chizkiyahu now restores everything that Achaz tried to destroy. eg 1) he restores the proper Korbones and Avodah. 2) Repairs the gold platting. 3) Removes all the idols 4) He repairs the mikvah and kiyor.


What did Chizkiyahu achieve?

1. Removed the bomos. 2. destroyed matzeyva. 3.cut Asheyra trees. 4. Destroyed the copper snake that moshe put up.


How does the passuk praise Chizkiyahu?

He was outstanding in Emunah and there was no other king like him.


What Zchus does Chizkiyahu have with him?

That Hashem is always with him.


After Sancheriv exiled the northern tribes , what does he want to do?

Attack and conquer Yerushalim.


Why is Sancheriv cross with Chizkiyahu?

Because he doesnt want to pay tribute anymore.


Why does Sancheriv send 3 officers and who is the spokesman, what does he say?

Sancheriv sends the officers to break their moral. Ravshakei { self hating jew} is the spokesman and he curses Hashem and says that they wont be able to beat them.


Did Bnei Yisrael answer Ravshakei back?

no, they understood that if they answer back then Ravshakay will shout back and keep cursing Hashem.


What does Chazal teach us about not answering Ravshakei?

That one has to be wise in a relationship with Apikores and not answer back.


What does Chizkiyahu do when he hears that Ravshakei is cursing Hashem?

He tears his clothes and put on sacks.


Who was חזקיהו?

He was a hugely righteous person. it is a praise to him that he grew up in the home of Achaz, while Achaz tried to wipe out Torah, חזקיהו elevated Torah.He hid the book of רפואות. Since he had total Emunah in Hasem, Hashem gave him Siata Dishmaya.


Who was רבשקה?

a jew who hated Hashem.


Who was שבנה הסופר?

The palace scribe


Who was אליקים?

in charge of חזקיהו palace.


Who was יואח המזכיר?

The secretary.