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How old was אמציהו when he became king? Who was his father?

He was 25 years old, His father was יואש.


Did he do positive things?

yes, but not like Dovid Hamelech.


Explain "רק לא כדוד אביו" according to the מלבי"ם.

אמציהו behaved righteously as he was bought up but he didnt do it with a full heart and when the temptations came, he fell,


What didn't אמציהו remove or prevent the people from doing?

From serving on the private במות.


Did אמציהו kill his father's assassins sons?



אמציהו wanted 2 bring אדום back under his control and he defeats them, What is he criticized for?

For using excessive cruelty against the enemy soldiers and he takes back home the idols of אדום.


Explain "לא ימותו אבות על בנים" according to Ralbag.

Parents are not punished for children and vice versa. If parents were irresponsible and didn't do the right chinuch than he is responsible.


Explain "לא ימותו אבות על בנים" according to Radak.

You are not allowed to testify against a relative in court.


Who does אמציהו sends a message to? What is it?

To יהואש, "let us go to war and confront each other"


Explain "לכה נתראה פנים" according to Radak.

The reason אמציהו wants to go to war is because the soldiers of Yisrael, who he had originally hired, got insulted and killed people in Yehuda and אמציהו now wants to take revenge.


What משל did יהואש tell אמציהו? What is he saying? Does אמציהו listen?

משל: Thorn bush said to cedar tree, "Let your daughter marry my son" Then all the animals come and trample the thorn bush.
יהואש tells אמציהו NOT to start up and אמציהו doesn't listen and goes to war.


יהואש sent an insulting reply back to אמציהו. according to מצודת דוד

יהואש compares himself to the cedar tree and אמציהו, Who is king only over 2 tribes, to the thorn bush.


Is אמציהו defeated?



Who does יהואש capture and what does he do?

אמציהו, He breaches one of the walls which was near the gates of Ephraim to show he was victorious.


Is אמציהו left alive?



Explain "בשער אפרים" according to Radak.

It was the gate in Yerushalim which faced שבט אפרים and it was where the 10 שבטים entered Yerushalim.


Who takes over יהואש?

His son, Yerovom.


Where did אמציהו flee to? How long was he there 4?

To his tower in לחיש and he was there for 15 years


Who killed אמציהו?

His own people.


Why was he killed? Rashi

He was killed because a navi had told him not to take the idols and he didn't listen.


Who ruled while אמציהו was in his fortress?

His son Azarya.


Explain "אחרי שכב המלך עם אבותיו" according to Rashi.

Azarya helped to take back Eylat as Edom had originally taken it in אמציהו life time.


Was Yerovom ben יהואש good or bad?

He was a bad king.


What was Yerovom's Zchus?

He expanded Eretz Yisrael and during his reignבנ"י deserved to be exiled but Hashem mercifully postponed this decree.


What was Hashem's new tactic?

He showered the nation with blessing, hoping they will do Teshuva.


Yerovom in his days retrieved much land for בנ"י. There are 2 opinions in theירושלמי.

1. Yerovom captured as much land as Yehoshua did in his days.
2. He captured even more land than Yehoshua.


What were Yerovom's merit? Didn't he serve ע"ז?

He gave a lot of honor to the Neviem , the Navi Amos said that the house of Yerovom will be cut down by the sword, An idolatrous priest named Amatzya, falsely reported to the king that Amos had said that the king himself will die by the sword and therefore Amos deserved to die. Instead of Yerovom accepting the report, he refused to believe it and said that if that if this is what the Navi said, he spoke in the name of Hashem and he accepted it. In this Zchus he was the agent to restore the lost land and to enlarge א"י.