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What happens to Chizkiyahu at tthe beginning of this Perek?

He becomes deathly ill.


What did ישעיהו even prophesize?

That he was going to die and he should let his household know.


What did Chizkiyahu do in reponse to ישעיהו prophesy?

He turns his face to the wall and davens.


The Gemara explains why Chizkiyahu was punished. Give 2 reasons.

1. He saw that he was going to have children that are going to be wicked and therefore he decided that he is not going to get married.
2. Chazal explain that he was punished for not saying Shira to Hashem for the miracle of the defeat of Sancheriv's army. Why is this so bad? Chizkiyahu privately knew that Hashem could do anything. Hashems greatest miracles were no greater than everyday events. He should have understood that as the leader of the nation, he should have said shira publicly in order to elevate the nation.


What does the Gemara learn from the expression, and he turned to face the wall?

The Gemara explains that it is preferable to daven when facing a wall with nothing in between, this is in order to focus and concentrate better.


What does Chizkiyahu do?

He cries to Hashem.