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In the 12th year of Achaz reign, who ruled in Shomron over the northern kingdom?

Hoshea ben Eyla (He killed Pekach ben Ramalia)


Who was the last king of yisrael?

Hoshea ben Eyla


Was Hoshea ben Eyla a good or bad king?

A bad king.


Explain רק לא כמלכי ישראל according to Metzudas Dovid.

He removed the soldiers that Yerovom had placed to not allow the people to go to the Beis Hamikdash.


Was the removing of the soldiers good or bad?

It was a good thing


Did the people go up to the Beis Hamikdash when they were allowed to?



Who is שלמנאסר?

A Syrian king (some say he was Sancheriv)


Why did שלמנאסר attack Hoshea?

Hoshea saw the opportunity after תגלת פלסר dies to not send a tribute anymore to Ashur, He wanted his independence and שלמנאסר throws him into jail.


What is a mincha in this context?

Gift, tribute.


How does מצודת דוד understand the word וימצא. Didn't Hoshea submit himself to שלמנאסר by paying tribute? What does he do with Hoshea?

Hoshea was not planning in the future to send more tribute, he appeals to the king of Mitzraim to help him fight. שלמנאסר now arrests him and puts him in jail.


What does Melech Ashur now do?

He invades Eretz Yisrael and besieges Shomron for 3 years.


What historically significant event happens in the 9th year of the reign of Hoshea?

The 3rd and final exile took place of the northern kingdom.


Where were they exiled to? Near which river?

Ashur near the Sambatyon.


What does the Ramban explain from the word גוז-to cut off?

That the inhabitants of the land were cut off from their country and exiled far from civilization.


What does Chazal refer to the Sambatyon?

As a surging remote river that rests only on Shabbos.


These Pesukim outline the spiritual decline of the ten tribes which shows why they deserve to be exiled from their land. What is this?

It is a tragic story of unrealized potential.
A) In Yetzias Mitzraim- The yidden should have been grateful 2 Hashem for taking them out but they rebeled and served idols.


B) How was the Galus מידה כנגד מידה?

just as the כנענים were driven out for their evil practices, so to בנ"י were exiled.


C) Why did they sin?

in order to rebel against Hashem.


D) Why did Hashem send Neviem? Did it work?

To encourage them to repend but they didn't listen.


E) What were the עבירות that בנ"י did?

They worshiped idols, they planted Asheira trees and worshipped it. they walked in the way of the non-jews. They said that Hashem abandoned the world.


Missing meterial.....

missing meterial......


Why was Hashem 'angry' and what did He do?

Hashem was angry with בנ"י and removed them except Yehuda??? who didn't walk in the ways of Hashem.


Who brings foreigners to Shomron?

Melech Ashur.


Where does Melech Ashur get the foreigners from? What are they called?

בבל, כות, עוא, חמת, ספריים. They were all known as the Kutim.


Why does Melech Ashur bring foreigners to Shomron?

He wants to put out the people's nationalism.


Where do the foreigners settle in according to מצודת דוד ( on the words "בערי שומרון" )?

The cities that were next to Shomron.


Did the Kutim serve Hashem according to Rashi (on the words "לא יראו את ד")?

Even though the nations served idols they feared Hashem but the Kutim didn't serve Hashem. They said, "if Hashem had so much power he would not have allowed his people to be exiled."


What does Hashem send against the Kutim? What was unique about this event?

Lions, they only killed and they didn't eat the flesh ( which all lions do)


Why were the Kutim punished with lions?

Because they didn't fear Hashem.


After the event with the lions, What was Melech Ashur told?

That the Kutim didn't faer Hashem.