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Who was Zecharya ben Yeravam?

He was wicked, not well liked and was murdered by Shalum ben Yavaish. This was the beginning of thee end for the kingdom of Yisrael.


Who was Shalum ben Yavaish?

He ruled for 1 month. Murdered by menachem ben Gedi. Had one merit: opposed to calf temples and forbade people to worship them, however not everyone listened.


Who was menachem ben Gedi?

He was from gad. Was a complete Rasha- strongly influenced by neighboring goyim. After conquering land belonging to Aram, showed cruel treatment of the civilian population. Ruled for 10 years. Hashem used Ashur as an agent to punish kingdom of Yisrael. Tried to bribe king Pul/ Sancheriv- He agreed. His son Pekachya succeeded him.


Who was Pekachya?

Wicked. Ruled for 2 years. Murdered by Pekach ben Ramalya.