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Who succeeded the righteous Yosom?

Achaz Ben Yosom.


How old was he and how many years did he reign for?

20 years old and he ruled for 16 years.


Was Achaz Ben Yosom a good or bad king?

A bad king.


He was more like the kings of---- than--------.

kings of Yisrael than Yehuda.


What terrible act did he do to his son?

He offered up his son for a korban like the goyim.


What terrible decree did Achaz issue against his own kingdom?

To close down all houses of study, to stamp out torah.


Who did Hashem send as enemies to Achaz?

ריצין מלך ארם and Pekach Ben Ramalya, king of Yisrael


Who does Achaz appeal to for help after Hashem send ריצין מלך ארם and Pekach Ben Ramalya, king of Yisrael? What did he send with? Did Melech Ashur agree?

תגלס פלסר מלך אשור, The request was accompanied by a huge gift of money which Achaz had emptied from the treasury.


Who goes to דמסק now? What does he see there that he likes?

Achaz, he likes the מזבח.


What does Achaz tell אוריה כהן גדול to do? Does אוריה agree?

To make a new מזבח that looks the same as the one from דמסק, He agrees.


When Achaz returns from Yerushalim, Is he happy with the new מזבח? What does he do?

Yes,( רד"ק)-He offers his own Korbonos on his new מזבח.


What was the new alter called? Why?

המזבח הגדול, in order to give it importance and because it was bigger than Shlomo's one.


What does Achaz command אוריה to offer on the מזבח?

The קרבן תמיד with its מנחה and the נסך and the blood of the עולה and all the other קרבנות.


What did Achaz do to the כיור?

He cut off the base and put it directly on the floor.


What did Achaz remove? What did he do with it?

He removed the oxen and placed it on the floor.


"ואת מיסך השבת אשר בנו בבית" - What does this refer 2?

They made a roof for shade for the כהנים.


What else did Achaz remove?

The shade that led from the entrance of the בהמ"ק.


Did Achaz get a share of עוה"ב?

He was a terribly wicked king and didn't get עוה"ב.


Why did Hashem let Achaz rule for so long?

1. ארך אפים
2. He was rewarded for מצות in עוה"ז not עוה"ב
3.He had a special descendant, חזקיהו


How was Achaz buried?

Not in an honorable way, Hashem shortened the day so wouldn't get honorable funeral. Not buried with royal graves of Yehuda. His coffin was dragged not carried.


When did the first Galus take place? by who?

In 4th year of Achaz reign. When תגלס פלסר exiled נפתלי + זבולן.


When did the second Galus take place? by who?

8 years after the first one. Pul exiled Reuven, Gad and half of Menashe.


When did the third Galus take place?

6th year of חזקיהו reign and shomron was captured and all of Yisrael was exiled.