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What are the characteristics of mega cities?

Headquarters of TNC's
Global influence
High population
High population density
Two speed
High rise buildings


Where are megacities?

Most are located in South and South East Asia


How has the distribution of mega cities changed?

The distribution has changed because the first mega cities were found in high income countries now are found in low income countries because people have nothing in the countryside.


Causes of growth for mega cities?

Migration: People are moving from rural to urban area.
Natural Increase: Birth rate is higher than the death rate.


What are some push factors?

-No jobs due to lack of investment
-No services
-Bad transport
-Bad water quality


What are some pull factors?

-Jobs available
-More services
-Good transport links
-Good water quality


How many people live in a square mile of Dharavi?

1 million


Problems in Dharavi

Rubbish tends to be piled up
Sewage is spilled
People built their own city on top of rubbish.
No Privacy.


What is urbanisation?

Physical growth of urban areas.


What is a mega city?

An urban area with a population of in excess of 10 million people.


What is suburbanisation?

Growth of areas on the fringes of cities, most commonly wealthier residents seeking relief from the poverty, crime, congestion and pollution of the city centre.


What is a megalopolis?

An urban area so large that it has more than one centre.