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What is deindustrialsation?

The reduction of industrial activity in an area or economy.


Where do the most deprived places in the UK tend to be?

North and the North East.


Where do the least deprived places tend to be?

The Midlands, the South and the South East.


What is economic reconstructing?

Developed countries shifting from manufacturing to tertiary services economic base.


What negative impacts can deindustrialsation have?

Dereliction, contamination, depopulation, crime and unemployment.


How might leaving the EU cause further deindustrialsation?

Companies will be unwilling to potentially pay tariff taxes on international trade to the European market and therefore will move out of the UK and move elsewhere in the European Union.


How has Newcastle deindustrialised?

Shipbuilding and mining to office work and party culture.


What are the social impacts of deindustrialsation?

Depression, mass unemployment, crime and drugs.


How has Detroit been affected by deindustrialsation?

Caused unemployment, crime depression, derelict buildings, lack of investment, migration out and poverty.