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What is culture?

Culture is a system of shared meaning, it is shared by groups of people and will have common influence on the way they live their lives.


What are the six factors that determine culture?

Accepted norms
Religion and beliefs
Art and Symbols


What is cultural diffusion?

Exchange of ideas between different people as they mix and interact as a result of globalisation.


How does cultural diffusion occur?

Tourism brings people into contact with new cultures.
TNCs spreak their brands and products around the world.
Global media organisations such as Disney, CNN and the BBC spread a western view of world events.


What is the emergence of global culture?

Globalisation has often said to have spread a 'westernised' global culture which originates in North America and Europe.


What is the global culture based on?

Wealth creation, earning money in order to buy consumer goods and high levels of consumption.
Private enterprise
Success, measured on how wealthy you are and how much stuff you buy
Fashion, technology and trends
An attitude that the physical environment should be exploited for its natural resources rather than create wealth.


An example of global culture in action?

Changing of Asian diets.
Tradition Asian diets based on spices and staples to livestock and diary products.


How has global culture helped to battle discrimination?

Global coverage of the Paralympics, Gay pride marches and high profile cases of sex discrimination.