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The economic shift

China was dominant at the start of the 19th century
Then Europe expierienced a period of economic dominance between 1840 and 1940 (following industrial revolution).
Steady rise in economic power in the USA was also evident. Since the end of the second world war the USA has been a dominant global economy.
The late 20th century saw India and China increase their share of GDP and the IMF predicts that China will be the largest economy.


Where has manufacturing go to?

East, South and South East Asia


Where has outsourcing of services move to?

From developed to emerging countries


What environmental problems have emerging countries experienced?

Air and water pollution
Land degradation
Over- exploitation of resources
Loss of biodiversity


How many kilometers of roads has China built in 2015?



How many Chinese people were lifted out of poverty between 1992 and 2015?

600 million


How much of the world's coal is burned in China?

Close to 50%