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Where have developments taken place?

Mobile phones
Social Networking
Electronic banking
Fibre Optics


When was the first Email sent?



When was the VHS invented?



How have mobile phones advanced?

Mobile phones became widespread from the mid 1990's (First text message sent in 1992) and are now common in many developing countries.


How has the internet advanced?

Internet access became common from the mid-1990's, followed by fast broadband; now close to 50% of the world's population uses the internet.


What is time-space compression?

The idea that the cost, in terms of time or money, of communicating over distance has fallen rapidly, so the idea of someone being 'a long way away' is now largely irrelevant in terms of the ability of communicating with them.


How do businesses benefit in these advancements?

Keep in touch with all parts of their production, supply and sales network locally and globally.
Transfer money and investments instantly.
Instantly analyse data on sales, employees and orders from anywhere within their business.


What is a disadvantage of the development in the internet?

Many activities that were once done 'face to face' are becoming automated meaning that people lose their jobs.