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What is development?

"The improvement of the human conditions"
Measure of CHANGE not the END RESULT


What is quality of life?

Access to education, healthcare, employment opportunity, availability of green air and safe drinking water, the threat of crime and so on.


What is gross national income (can be per capita)?

The value of goods and services earned by a country (not including those from overseas).


What is gross domestic product (can be per capita)

The value of goods and services earned by a country (including those earned overseas).


What is purchasing power parity?

Relates average earnings to local prices ie what people can buy with their money.


What is economic sector balance?

The percentage of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors contribution to GNI.


What is the Human Development Index

Provides a measure of life expectancy, GDP and education- how are people benefiting from the economic grown.


What is the Gender Equality Index

Measure gender disparity using three measures: reproductive health, empowerment and labour market participation.


What is the air quality indices?

Energy production, industrial processes and road transport produce pollutants, countries record air pollutants and work out indices in slightly different ways.