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Give basic interrelationships between the two cycles

Both greenhouse gases
Water absorbs carbon dioxide
Plant life made of carbon, responsible for evapotranspiration


Give two feedback cycles that start form the same effect but cancel each other

Temperature rises
Evaporation increases
Amount of water vapour increases
Enhanced greenhouse effect
Temperature rises
More evaporation
More clouds
Global cooling


Describe how plant life both increaes and decreases global CO2 emmisions with positive and negative feedback

Higher temperature
More plant growth
More respiration so more CO2 therefore positive feedback
But more photosynthesis therefore negative feedback


Give some impacts of climate change

Precipitation effected = more flooding, but more draughts elsewhere
More extreme weather events e.g. Tropical storms
Food shortages
Sea level rise
Reduced biodiveristy


Describe individual climate change mitogation techniques

Imorove home efficiency e.g. bedZed
Less car usage


Describe methods of modifying deforestation to mitigate climate change

Forestry stewardship council- only buy sustainable wood
Selective logging
Protected status - e.g. In brazil


Describe the action of the paris agreement

195 countries signed a climate deal
Limit global temperatures to a 1.5 degree rise on pre industrial level
Increase global education
Help developing nations become more sustainable


Describe carbon capture, give a fact about the boundry dam canada and say why carbin capture is limited

Piping carbon dioxide into ground
Boundary dam in cananda aims to cut emmisions by 90% (equivalent of 250,000 cars)
But schemes are often only economically viable if the carbon dioxide is used to force more fossil fuels out of the ground?