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When did the L'Auila earthquake occur? Why is the date significant?

April 2009
No earthquake for 300 years previously


Give Death toll, injured and homeless statistics for L'Aquila
What was the total cost?

300 died
1500 injured
70,000 homeless
$15 billion


Describe social effects of the L'Aquila earthquake

Historic buildings destroyed (built long before methods to reduce collapse inputted) - changes architecture of L'aquila
Many younger wealthy people left = urban decline
Very religious area but many lost their faith, only 1000 people attended the good Friday procession compared with 30,000 previously
Many people still live in fear due to the phycological impacts of the earthquake


Describe the economic effects of the L'Aquila earthquake

Large historic university damaged, far fewer enrolled in the following years
Ancient buildings very costly to repair
Tourist industry fell significantly


Describe the poltical impacts of the L'Aquila earthquake

Tensions between locals and scientists
Locals accused 7 scientists of manslaughter as they had failed to predict the quake
Sentenced to 7 years in prisom but it was overturned in 2014
Rebuilding has been so slow = more tensions


Describe the responses by the community in the L'Aquila earthquake

Many feel safer in suburban homes so moved out
Earthquake resistant housing being built
Promotion of solar panels to reduce dependancy on mains supply which went in the quake


What was the magnitude of the L'Aquila earthquake?
What margin did it occur at ?

Eurasian vs African plate