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What is the annual rainfall in the amazon?

2000+ mm


How many plant species live in the amazon?

1 million


How much of the worlds global photosynthesis occurs in the amazon?



Give facts on the carbon cycle in the amazon

Tree is 50% carbon
0.3 billion tonnes of carbon
40kg of carbon per square meter


Describe the impacts humans have had on the carbon cycle within the amazon rainforest

Deforestation leads to greater soil erosion, therefore trees are less likely to regrow
Climate change causes trees to die younger as the increased carbon dioxide concentration creates metabolic stress


What are the impacts of climate change on the carbon cycle within the amazon

Severe draughts in 2005 and 2010 leads to reduced biodiversity as heavily adapted rainforest animals cant function
Draughts cause forest fires - positive feedback
A 4% temperature increase would cause an 85% reduction in plant life


What percentage of the amazon has been lost to deforestation?



What is the biggest cause of deforestation wothin the anazon basin?

Cattle ranching


Describe the effects human activity within the amazon has had on the amazon rainforest water cycle

Reduced evapotranspiration so drier air hence less precipitation
Rainfall reaches ground quicker as less trees, (less interception)
Increased solar radiation on bare ground, lowers fertility so future sees less transpiration and more flooding.


Many studies suggest deforestation causes decreased precipitation describe an alternative view, what is the significance of this alternative view

Deforestation may increase local rainfall due to vegetation breezes
Air will warm quicker in defrosted area
Rises faaster
Localised low pressure areas
Low pressure draws in moist air from elsewhere
More thunderstorms
This shows the repercussions are not predictable and hence are harder to prepare for


What responses to climate change are occurring within the amazon

Selective logging - Only some trees are felled
Replanting of trees - peru replants 3.2 million hectares per year
Brazilian forest code - farmers must keep 50% of their land as rainforest
Increases the size of the protected national park