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Identify four factors that create the costal system along the holderness coast

Geology - more resistant chalk found at the north forming, flamborough head, but very weak glacial deposits of boulder clay along the main strech = rapid erosion
Rising sea levels
North east wind, long fetch + low pressure area so vulnerable to storm surges
Long shore drift - drift aligned coast line = spurn point


Describe the landforms at flamborugh head (and their formation)

Made of chalk
Which has vertical fault lines these have been exploited by weathering and erosion (specifically hydraulic action) to form selwicks bay
Lots of undercutting at bottom of cliffs = cliff retreat and wave cut platforms and stacks
Headland causes wave refraction leading to deposition in the bays
Exposed headlands face full force of waves = cliff erosion features


Describe the rates of erosion along the section of bridlington bay to spurn head on the holderness coastline

5Km since roman times
Upwards of 1meter a year in stormy seasons up to 10m
Most eroded coast in Europe


Why does the rapid erosion of cliffs from bridlington bay to spurn head form the large spit found at spurnhead

Lots of sediment from cliffs
Long shore drift from north to south
Spurn head nourished


Describe a negative feedback cycle that occurs on the holderness coastline

Erosion leads to more sediment
Transported by longshore drift
Builds up
Less erosion there


What non coastal feature helps build up spurn head spit?

The river humber


How sustainable is building on spurn head spit?

Not very
Seems to be built and destroyed in 250 year cycles
In 2013 a tidal surge destroyed buildings and swept road away