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Give some examples of hard engineering stratagies with expenses

Sea wall - £6000/m
Groynes - £5000 each (every 200 meters ish)
Tidal barrier (retractable barriers) - extremely expensive in the millions


Give some disadvantages of hard engineering strategies other than cost

Sea walls can be viewed as ugly
Groynes potentially disrupt long shore drift and hence increase erosion elsewhere
Off shore breakwaters could prove to be navigational hazard
Spending a lot of money in one place can lead to unrest eleswhwere down the coast where people aren't being protected


Give some examples of soft engineering and their costs

Beach nourishment - £300 per meter
Dune regenration - £200 per 100 meters
Marsh creation - variable but money lost through agricultural land being lost


What are some disadvantages of soft engineering?

Can be less effective
May need constant maintance
Removes potentially arable land
Time consuming


What is an SMP?

Shoreline management projects
Act with one sediment cell and look at it as one whole closed system incorporates to some extent peoples opinions


What is an ICZM?

Integrated coastal zone management
More holistic than an SMP
Incorporates all stakeholders, i.e. Locals and NGOs
They are more dynamic stratagies and look at coasts upto a national level.