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Where will storm hazards occur?

Areas of low pressure
Warm sea water above 27 degrees
Convergence of air
Occur in tropics but no equtor


Describe the formation of a tropical storm

High pressure areas air rises as it rises the vapour cools
Water vapour condenses to form clouds (cumulonimbus)
Coriolis effect caused by earths rotation causes storm to spin
Presure gradient into eye of storm = strong gusts of wind


How are storm hazards measured?

Saffir Simpson scale 1-5 with 5 being the strongest


Give four hazards associated with storm events

Strong winds (at least 75 to be classed as a strom)
Storm surges 3meters in height
Heavy rain up to 1000mm


Compare the magnitudes of hurricane katrina and nargis

Katrina: category 5 storm
8.5meter storm surges
250mm rain fall

Nargis: caterogy 4 storm
5m storm surges


When was hurricane Katrina?

29th august 2005


When was cyclone nargis?

2nd may 2008


Where were hurricance katrina and cyclone nargis

Hurricane katrina - south east USA e.g. Mississippi
Nargis - Myanmar ( one of least developed countries in the world)


Compare the death tolls of nargis and katrina

Katrina - 1836
Nargis - 140,000 (nearly 100 times more)


Compare the amount of people made homeless by nargis and katrina

Katrina : 60,000 homless (when 300,000 houses destroyed, good as managed to get lots of people into temporary homes)
Nargis : 3.2 million homeless from 450000 destroyed houses


Compare the economic loses of nargis with katrina

Nargis: $10 billion damage, many fishing communities destroyed= out of work

Katrina: $100 billion in damage - disruption to oil industry in particular


What was the most significant environmental impact of cyclone nargis?

380 Km^2 of mangrove forests destoryed
Also salinisation of agricultural land


Give some environmental impacts of hurricane katrina

Sea turtle breeding ground destroyed
Oil spills
Salt marshes flooded = loss of biodiversity


Comapre the pre event warnings in nargis and katrina

Nargis: Myanmar has no satellites to track cyclones, Indian authorities tracked the storm, but this had an obvious delay in relaying information
Lack of radio and tv communication + no SMS warnings (in part because low disposable income so no phones)

Katrina: highly advanced monitoring systems used to track hours ahead


Compare the evacuation plans in katrina and nargis

Katrina : 1000 buses out of new Orleans every hour
80% evacuated

Nargis : nothing


Describe the aid and rescue efforts in katrina opposed go nargis

Katrina : 50,000 resuced
$85 billion in aid from FEMA

No rescue services
Due to politics initially refused all aid, prevented any outside help from coming in for a week. Even when allowed in military government seized aid for themselves