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what is somatogenesis?

the development of disorders due to anatomical, physiological or biochemical changes in the body

biological predisposition and vulnerabilities e.g genetics and brain differences


what is psychogenesis?

the development of disorders due to a psychological cause
(the view one takes which is affected by cognitive distortions)


what are cognitive distortions?

and how do they develop?

biased perspectives we take of ourselves and the world around us which are inaccurate and could lead to psychological damage (irrational thoughts and beliefs)

developed due to faulty connections


why do cognitive distortions have the potential to be so damaging?

the irrational thoughts and beliefs are constantly reinforced everyday and therefore we don't recognise that they need to be changed


what are the 3 characteristics of cognitive disortions?

1) patterns in thinking or believing
2) false or inaccurate
3) potential to cause psychological damage


which disorder are cognitive distortions strongly related to?

depression e.g black and white thinking


what are some of the most common cognitive distortions in depression?

black and white thinking
overgeneralising which leads to negative thinking
jumping to conclusions


what is meant by 'social factors'?

environmental factors which may lead or contribute to the development of a disorder

e.g isolation, uncaring but overprotective parents, poor socioeconomic status etc.

intersect with biological and psychological risk