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what is hydrotherapy and what did it aim to do?

spraying person with water in attempt to stimulate the brain


what is a wet sheet pack?

wrapping the patients in wet towels in attempt to sedate


what is insulin therapy and what were the two 'shocks' that it caused?

injected with large doses of insulin to reduce blood sugar levels which would bring about a coma
dry shock - brain seizure
wet shock - sweating and drooling
brought out of seizure by inserting glucose into the body through a nasal tube into the body


who generally received insulin treatment?
and for how long?

patients with schizophrenia viewed as having enough physical strength to endure the arduous therapy

6 days a week for 2 months


theory behind insulin and other 'shock' or seizure therapies?

that they would be 'jolted' out of their mental illness if their brain was taken back to zero/rebooted


why may insulin treatments have appeared to be effective?

remission occured in those that were on course for remission anyway just made no difference

may have seemed better due to being more docile but actually due to brain damage caused by seizures


what harm can be caused by insulin and other shock therapies?

seizures increase chances of brain lesions and scar tissues and also may lead to spinal fractures due to thrashing about


what is the theoretical rationale behind early treatments of mental illness?

'jolting' brain out of mental illness
rebooting and restarting the brain to rid of mental illness


what is metrazol therapy?

injecting metrazol which induces comas and convulsions


what does lobotomy involve?

cuts connections in the prefrontal lobe of the brain to and from the anterior part of the frontal lobes


what is ECT?

electroconvulsive therapy
small electrical currents passed through the brain (under anesthetic) to trigger brief seizures

appears to lead to changes brain chemistry which can relieve some symptoms of mental illnesses


what are some of the ethical issues regarding early treatments of mental illnesses?

driven and justified by teh Eugenics movement

other therapies were around that would have been safer e.g behavioural therapy


when was the pharmaceutical movement and what was it?

1960s-70s and involved the law that drugs had to be reviewed for effectiveness and side effects before being administered