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Advanced Grab 1

(Double grab to shoulders)
Pop elbows, front kick, L down block, 4 punches


Advanced Grab 2

(Double grab to shoulders)
R over L squat, R hammer blow to neck, R sweep under for full circle grip of opp R, L front kick knee, R kick groin, spin rear kick


Advanced Grab 3

(Double grab toward wrists)
Swat grab away, rear leg front kick, RHB to neck, RHB to groin, L ridge, R tiger mouth to throat, rake, RHB to groin, back knuckle to face, shove, back kick


Advanced Grab 4

(Bear hug from behind)
control hands, L stomp foot, squat, R punch out, R elbow to ribs, RHB groin, duck under Opp L, put in arm bar, add-in or take-down


Advanced Grab 5

(Bear hug from front)
L out/up block + R shoulder to solar plexus (don’t step R forward), R dbl back knuckle to groin, RHB to R side of neck, L hook, R step inside+eyes, rake, eyes, add-ins, can sneak hook kick in


Advanced Grab 6

(Pull punch from behind)
Pivot toward punch on R + R upblock, L punch to kidneys, switch stance and switch block, drop to R vertical punch to groin, R palm to chin, add-ins


Advanced Grab 7

(Pull punch from front)
R lockout on grabbing arm, L outblock, L chop, L box ear, pressure point jaw, etc, arm drag takedown, 7 strikes, arm bar, etc.


Advanced Grab 8

(Double grab to shoulders from front)
Double strike to eyes from inside, double box ears, grab head with both hands and R knee strike (twist heand and knee to own hands for training), shove head down with LH, RHB to opp R trap or neck, LHB to balcony of head or neck, L grab back of neck and thumb on jaw pressure point, R palm to jaw, R rake jaw against L thumb, control shoulders and push/pull/hook and spin