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Basic Grab 1

(Double grab to shoulders)
Pop elbows, L front kick, R front kick, double downblock, push


Basic Grab 2

(Double grab to shoulders)
Cross arms R over L, RHB to opp L neck, R sweep under to opp R arm lock, front L kick, front R kick, push, R kick


Basic Grab 3

(Double grab to shoulders)
Pop elbows, (L) front kick, rear leg (R) front kick, double down block, (R) rear leg front kick


Basic Grab 4

(Bear hug from behind)
Control hands, stomp, step and punch out, R elbow to SP, RHB to groin, hook kick, back kick


Basic Grab 5

(Bear hug from front)
R shoulder to SP+Loutblock, R backknuckle dbl strike groin, RHB to neck, Lockup, L kick groin, R kick groin


Basic Grab 6

(Pull punch from behind)
Pivot on R toward punch + R upblock, L palm to side, lock up, L kick to groin, R kick to groin


Basic Grab 7

(Pull punch from front)
R lock out on grabbing arm, L outblock, L chop, lockup, drive nose into shoulder, L knee to groin, R kick to groin