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Club 1

(overhand strike)
R outblock, circle grip, R kick, L kick, L wrist lock takeaway or chicken wing (?) wrist lock/kimura


Club 2

(lunging strike)
Step back with R + L up block, R kick to groin, L overgrip, Pull punch (L pulls in + R vertical to SP), R throat punch, R pressure point or lapel control + R leg trip for backward takedown


Club 3

(overhand strike)
R outblock, circle grip, R kick, armbar hip-to-hip, drive forward and down, add-ins (surfer armbar, reverse armbar, etc.)


Club 4

(Lunging overhead strike)
Double hammerblow to left, RHB to neck, L roll under without losing contact, roll opponent's striking arm over, control shoulder with R, step back with R, forward arm drag takedown


Club 5

(Overhead strike) R upblock, L upblock to get space, R palm to groin, R sweep between L and opponent's striking arm to grab wrist, punish tricep, armbar takedown


Club 6

(Lunge strike (#1 strike), followed by return strike (#2 strike))
Double inblock, RHB to neck keeping control with L open hand, L wrist control, R upblock to turn arm inward to get elbow up, forward arm bar takedown.
Alt. If deflecting first strike, R upblock return strike arm, pivot and LHB punish tricep then armbar takedown (like #3)