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One-Timing 1

(Double grab toward shoulders)
L block + step to L, L palm to groin, R ridge to groin, RK to groin


One-Timing 2

(Double grab toward shoulders)
Double strike eyes from inside, double down-block


One-Timing 3

(Double grab toward shoulders)
R block + step to R, R palm to groin, L wrist grab and pull + R face rake


One-Timing 4

(Bear hug from behind)
L block to R and grab wrist, R palm to groin, R elbow to SP, R elbow to chin, switch hands on wrist, hook kick, back kick


One-Timing 5

(Bear hug from front)
Dbl strike dbl back knuckle to groin, shoot up to get hooks, R knee to kidney, L knee to kidney, R knee to ribs, L knee to ribs


One-Timing 7

(Sucker punch from the front)
RDB to break down grabbing arm while moving off line to R, dbl palm strike R to face L to groin, L grab belt/groin/pants, etc R grab/push face/neck/shoulder, drive backward