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Knife 1

(straight stab #5)
from southpaw for distance ? L in block, L fan to grip wrist, R pop hand, pull to hip, kick, kick, wrist lock takeaway


Knife 2

(lunging strike)
Step back with R + L up block + R kick to groin, L overgrip, Pull punch (L pulls in + R vertical to SP), R throat punch, R pressure point under jaw for takedown


Knife 3

(in slash #1)
R up block, roll to circle grip, kick, kick, twist knife hand thumbdown, takedown on face, L knee in R shoulder creating arm bar with R thigh, add-in


Knife 4

(in slash #1 with R step)
double HB/block to L, kick?, R strike to eyes, slide L under knife arm and roll knife hand to top of L shoulder palm up, step back with right to take down forward, finish with R knee on their R shoulder, facing add-ins (use arm bars, shoulder locks, wrist locks, 7 strike drill, etc.)