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Summarise what happens in this chapter?

- Poole is suspicious about Jekyll and calls Hyde for his help
- The men have the door broken enter Jekylls cabinet door
- Hyde is find lying dead and Utterson finds a letter addressed to him, from Jekyll


Why does Poole think that Jekyll had been murdered/disappeared?

- he heard a cry from the cabinet door that didnt sound like Jekyll
- He saw him, and the reaction to being caught by Poole wasnt normal


Give a quote that suggests that poole thinks Jekyll was murdered?

"In the belief of my heart....murder was done"


Give a quote that reuses the word 'wrong' and what is the effect of this

"There is something wrong"

- Lanyon used this word before he died so we get the feeling that someone may die


What does Utterson find in one hand of Hydes dead body?

The remains of a crushed vial


What time does the incident take place?



Why is Utterson alarmed at the thought of 'foul play'?

It can be seen as a taboo topic in the Victorian era


Give a quote that describes the setting in this chapter and what technique is used here?

"wild, cold seasonable night"

Pathetic fallacy


Give a quote that describes Pooles face, as a result of fear, and what technique is used here?

"his face was white"

- white in contrast to the dark atmosphere could suggest innocence vs sin


Give a quote that suggests that the servants/workers in Jekylls home were scared as a whole and explain the technique used?

They were "huddled together like a flock of sheep"

- simile: perhaps used sheep to present obedience


what does the specific time of Jekylls disappearance of "eight days ago" tell us about Pooles relationship with Jekyll?

It shows that Poole knows Jekyll very well


What is a quote that uses alliteration to describe how badly Hyde wanted the drug and why may alliteration have been used?

"The drug is wanted bitter bad"

Alliteration: harsh 'b' sound shows how severely Hyde wanted the drug


Analyse another quote that shows Pooles fear (p.s this quote refers to hairs standing on end)

'Hair stood upon my head like quills"

The simile "like quills" highlights the significance of writing, as opposed to speaking


Give a quote that shows Uttersons lawyer-like tone?

"I shall consider it my duty to break in that door"


Give a quote that tells us that Poole thought that Hyde was in the cabinet and what themes link together in this quote?

"I give you my bible-word it was Mr Hyde"

- link between religion/sin


'to and fro' is repeated next to each other in this chapter, what could this symbolise?

The quick transitions from jekyll into hyde and vice versa


What quote describe Hyde's steps (in the cabinet room) and what does this contrast with?

"His steps fell lightly"

- This contrasts with his ruthless animal-like characteristics


What does Hyde say when Utterson calls him out of the cabinet room?

"For God's sake, have mercy"


Analyse the quote that talks about the state of hydes body when door was broken down?

"contorted and still switching"

- The prefix 'dis' isnt used to indicate the end of Hyde


Give a quote that links personification and a kettle and what does this suggest?

"The kettle singing"

- This suggests that in Victorian society, life just carries on. (e.g. the kettle carries on working as usual)


What could the 'white salt' in Jekylls experiments portray?

Innocent and purity


Give a quote that describes the door being broken and what does this tell us?

"lock burst in sunder'

- breaking of door represents the unravelling of secrets and the revelation of the evil nature in men


What was the last thing Utterson said to Poole in this chapter?

"I would say nothing of this paper" (the letters from Jekyll)


In Jekylls letter, starting with "My dear Utterson", why could it be that the first sentence is very long?

To quicken the pace of the letter and create a sense of desperation (Jekyll may have been in a rush)


What is the importance of the use of Uttersons full name in the letter from Jekyll?

- It creates a sense of formality
- Makes the letter personal
- gives meaning to the letter