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Summarise what happens in this chapter?

- utterson discusses the carew case with Jekyll
- Jekyll shows utterson a note he received from 'hyde'
- Mr guest analyses the note, and realises that its written in the same handwriting


Give a quote that tells us how Jekyll looked when utterson visited him?

"looking deadly sick"


What was in the note?

A message from Hyde assuring Jekyll that he should not worry about Hyde's safety for he (hyde) has a sure means of escape.


What does dr Jekyll promise Utterson in the chapter?

That he (jekyll) "would never set eyes on that man (hyde) again"


What conclusion does Utterson come to after finding out that the note was in Jekylls handwriting?

That Jekyll forged a note to cover for a murderer


"You have not been mad enough to 'hide' this fellow"

What technique is used here?



the word 'cold' is repeated twice in the extract. in what instances and why?

- When Jekyll reaches out a 'cold' hand and when Uttersons blood runs 'cold' in his veins
- This may have been done to portray the cold, bitter atmosphere


What quote suggests that Utterson doesnt want Jekylls reputation to be tarnished?

"If it came to a trial, your name might appear"


What quote in this section reiterates the idea of keeping information secret?

"I wouldnt speak of this note" (Utterson to guest)